Grand Haven mom loses half her body weight

GRAND HAVEN, Mich.-- It wasn't easy, but a local mother proved consistency and determination can achieve anything.

Jamie Burton was approaching 40 years old and weighed more than 350 pounds. She's now half her size and she wants to show people, especially her kids, that anything is possible.

Burton is somewhat of a legend to fellow gym goers. Everyone sees her as the woman who completely changed her life for the better. That's why it's hard to believe just a few years ago, she couldn't even see herself this way.

"I grew up overweight. Overweight my entire life," Burton recalled. "By the time I was in my mid 30s, I was over 350 pounds. I accepted the fact I was going to be overweight my entire life, and I was fine with that."

But one day, something in her made her realize it was time to make a drastic life-changing decision.

"It was scary to think I needed to lose weight."

Burton saw an ad about a new fitness studio opening in West Michigan with a free trial, and that got her thinking.

"I'm a mom, I'm on a budget, price is something to me."

Understandably anxious, Burton walked into Fit Body Bootcamp's Grand Haven location in March 2014 and never looked back.

"She came in and she was 360 pounds. There's only so much you can do. So, we were able to modify and work with her," explained Matt Wilber, owner of all the Fit Body Bootcamp locations throughout West Michigan.

A lifestyle that once seemed unattainable for Burton, eventually turned into a life-saver.

"I didn't realize how much [weight] I'd lost until, all of a sudden, one day I saw I'm down 100 pounds," Burton said. "Then, it was 125, 150 pounds and it just kept going. It was all from just doing a little bit every single day."

Burton credits a magical combination of eating the right foods and 30 minute workouts for helping her lose half her body weight and more than 100 inches.

"I can take 30 minutes a day and spend it on me I don't have to focus on kids or work, it's my time and every one can have 30 mins you just have to make it," Burton said.

She has been able to keep the weight off and live this healthier lifestyle for years, proving it really is a transformation of the mind.

"She only lost 1-3 pounds a week for almost two years, she didn't have fast weight loss, she wasn't trying to come in and lose 100 pounds overnight," said Matt Wilber, local Fit Body Bootcamp owner. "She transformed herself and became the person who could lose the weight and keep the weight off through her habits, routines and rituals," he said.

Perhaps more important to Burton is being a role model to her three kids.

"Show my kids that you really have to take care of yourself and you can do that through food and exercise, take it one day at a time," she said. "It's okay to make mistakes, have a bad day be stressed, we are people, things happen but consistency in your life and having a plan, a backup plan is so important," Burton said.

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  • lml25

    What was lost is usually found again. Come back in 2 years to see if it was a success–too early to tell now.I know a few people who lost 100-150 lbs and 2 years later,went right back to the old weight.

    • Maddie Burton

      As her daughter, I’ll tell ya now- she’s been SUPER successful with her weight loss journey! I would hardly say it’s “too early to tell” as she’s been kicking butt since I started high school…

      • Sherry

        Way to go to bat for your mom Maddie! Your support and encouragement has obviously been part of her success along the way! Keep inspiring as well Maddie!

    • Sherry

      Seems like it has taken her 5 years to achieve this amazing transformation. She has worked hard and made changes necessary to get here. It’s not like she shortcut here way to get here. Waiting for her (or anyone else for that matter) to fail is exactly why people have a hard time starting in the 1st place. But hey….i guess we all have that someone always waiting in the wings to say “see I told you they couldn’t do it/keep it off” BEWARE of those people! I say…..Come on! Give the woman some credit. Great job Jamie! Way to start, persevere, achieve and maintain! What an inspiration to your family and us regular “Joe’s”. Keep up the amazing work and keep inspiring!

    • Rick Burgess

      I used to work out with Jamie and I can tell you, she HAS kept it off. She started in 2014 (stated in the article) and has been at or near her current weight for at least two years. She still works out every day and eats right. There were no fad diets, just hard work and eating right. You are right, many people (myself included) lose it then gain it back, but NOT Jamie, she is a true success story and inspiration!!

    • Emily Krebsbach

      Ugh, the people that feel the need to burst someone’s balloon and immediately point out that they know someone who failed are the worst!
      And I’m here to tell you that your friends who lost 100-150 pounds and eventually put it back on still werent failures. They worked hard and gave their body a healthier couple of years and that’s better than none at all. And I’m going to guess they didnt get where they got listening to people like you….

      • Chris Burton

        Couldn’t have put it better myself. My mom has done a very good job keeping her weight off and she has inspired me to start exercising also. There is still no reason to down those who can’t keep it off because they have to try very hard to be consistent and control bad habits. Not everyone is given great genetics but everyone can try their best to complete their journey.

    • Tarassa

      Usually I don’t entertain foolishness but in this case…..I got time for it. First off do you realize the years she has added to her life? Secondly how ignorant and negative do you sound? Ok I no longer have time…..go find something else better to do with your time than not congratulate people when it’s due! Congrats Jamie! You are awesome.
      Her Crazy Sister In Law

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