Meijer reviewing policies on guns, ammunition after mass shootings

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Meijer is reviewing its policies on ammunition and customers having firearms inside their stores in light of recent mass shootings.

A statement from a Meijer spokesperson says they have made several changes to policies regarding ammunition, which includes raising the age of purchase.

“In light of recent events, we are evaluating our ammunition offerings as well as our policies regarding customers carrying firearms into our stores,” the statement says. “Throughout this process, we will continue to listen to our customers and do what is needed to ensure they feel safe while shopping our stores.”

The spokesperson didn’t expand any further on what the changes are or what prior policies were.

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    • David

      If My gun is concealed, no one would even know it was in the store. Most criminals would act the same, and the store wouldn’t know that either. Would you really feel safer if a criminal threatened or worse, with no friendly armed people around?

      • C

        If your gun is concealed, how could I give a hoot in hell? Have at it. But, the people that feel the need to open carry make me real, real nervous.

  • A

    Please consider contacting Meijer about this.

    “I certainly hope the Meijer corporate policy allowing law abiding citizens to carry their legal firearms in your stores does not change. You have THOUSANDS of shoppers in your stores daily who are well within their rights and the laws, carrying for the protection of themselves and others in the event that a NON LAW ABIDING CRIMINAL with ill intent ever were to attempt to inflict harm upon anyone.

    Banning guns from your store will not prevent an incident. It will only create an area in which a person with ill intent knows they can safely walk right past your no guns sign and nobody will be inside to stop them from committing a crime. You would literally be endangering lives AND losing a great deal of business. Look at the large scale picture of mass shootings: They occur mainly in “gun free zones” because the criminals know they can do more damage with less consequence.

    I absolutely cannot understand the benefit or gain from the action of banning law abiding citizens from your stores. Meijer is a great place, only store we shop at. Please don’t change that in a knee jerk reaction to a random evil event.

    Thank you for your time “

  • Matt

    Well with this mentality meijer should also get rid of alcohol sales to stop drunk drivers. And drunk drivers kill way more people every year than guns do. But let some crazy ultra liberals form your policies meijer by all means don’t use common sense.

  • Randy Harrington

    Well, my wife and daughters all have cpls and don’t wont do business at a establishment that isn’t pro Constitution, pro America. Only a idiot thinks by making a gun free zone will stop a criminal from breaking one more policy

  • Marsha Holley

    I support the right of retailers to decide what they will or won’t sell. I resent it intensely when they attempt to influence politics. Wal-Mart was my primary retailer but I am now boycotting them. I refuse to financially support any entity that attempts to quell freedom in America. I and others are watching and listening. I guess Meijer has to decide whether they want to be on the no-shop list.

  • steve

    What complicates this matter is the fact that open carry is legal in Michigan. That person walking toward you with a gun on their hip may be harmless, but maybe not. This issue’s going to wind up in court, with the plaintiff declaring their right to open carry is a violation of their civil rights and is discriminatory, and when that happens, the store’s not gonna like the outcome. They’ll lose.

  • FG

    How naive can Meijer be? Anyone who believes that by eliminating lawfully carrying citizens with legally obtained firearms are the problem are crazy. Bad guys don’t follow the law. They don’t ask permission. They don’t make reservations so you know when they will be there. That’s why people who have CPLs carry in public, because there are bad guys out there. You Want responsible and trained firearms to be carried discretely in public places to keep the bad guys wondering rather than knowing they have no opposition. Gun Free zones are a farce!

  • ezkl2230

    When are corporate decision makers going to get it through their corporate consciousness that kow towing to gun grabbers, posting “gun/weapon free” zone signs, doesn’t stop active shooters from coming in with THEIR firearms? People carry into Meijer stores EVERY DAY, mostly concealed, without incident. You don’t even know these folks are armed, and they pose absolutely NO THREAT to anyone. Meijer, please don’t cave to the pressure.

  • Richard Mikowski

    So tired of people giving into political propaganda.
    This is still America selling ammunition is still a freedom of our Country! We need to fight to protect our freedom and not give in to political propaganda that will cost us our freedoms.

  • Peter Franks

    The Meijer’s in Hamilton, Ohio has pulled all its 5.56, .223 and pistol caliber ammunition. So its pretty clear they are ending the sale of it.

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