Neighbors seek answers after pulling shooting victim into home

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A group of neighbors came to the rescue of a man who was shot in the leg Thursday night in Grand Rapids.

The shooting happed around 9:30 p.m. on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and 11th Street in what the people who live nearby describe as a safe and quiet neighborhood.

Gary Mavis, who lives near the intersection, said he heard three shots from his home.

“We moved into this neighborhood because it was supposed to be a nicer part of town,” Mavis said. “For this to happen less than a year of living here, just ya know, kind of irritating.”

A few houses down, another neighbor heard cries for help.

"Someone got shot right here and came up to my porch, literally we dragged him up in the house," said Robert, who didn’t want to use his last name.

Robert said he knew the victim but didn’t know what led up to him being shot in the leg.

"We didn't see nobody else out here like it was just I don't know if it was an argument or what," he said.

Regardless, he was glad he was there to help someone.

"I would do it for anybody. He's a friend so I'm going to definitely do it. But, I would've done it for anybody," Robert said.

The victim is now recovering, and the neighborhood is hoping someone can come forward with information that will lead to an arrest.

"We would like someone to come forward and make sure that we don't have to worry about our safety," Mavis said.

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call Grand Rapids police at 616-456-3400 or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.

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  • lml25

    I live in “the neighborhood”,close enough to know that Lincoln,from 11th to Leonard, is mostly rental and probably majority section 8 of that.There have been shootings before in that area,drugs,fights etc.Years ago it was safe–now you see,from last night,how safe it is today. Interested to know if the victim was black–that would tell a lot about motive.Also,shot in the house or front yard.Police don’t tell anything anymore.Did the vic know the shooter?All relevant info.The entire west side,with small exceptions, is prone to shootings like this because of “diversity”.There will be more violence as diversity increases and especially,if victims don’t cooperate.

  • Matt

    Good luck. Victims wont talk to police. Police have all been neutered by our great mayor bliss. Get used to more of this… spring, winters almost here time to stay inside.

  • stop the madness

    It’s heartbreaking to see the neighborhoods I grew up in going to hell. No matter what they do to improve the buildings on Bridge and Leonard and everything in between, the trash living there will make it and keep it a toilet hole. Sad, very sad.

  • J.B.

    So strange.
    Why is it that the people who are always trying to move into a “nice” neighborhood,
    Always seem to bring the “bad” neighborhood problems right along with them?

    ““We moved into this neighborhood because it was supposed to be a nicer part of town,” Mavis said. “For this to happen less than a year of living here, just ya know, kind of irritating.””

    Irritating indeed…

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