Police: Couple faces charges after spending over $100k accidentally deposited in their bank account

MONTOURSVILLE, Penn. -- A couple in Pennsylvania is facing theft charges and over $100,000 in overdraft fees after allegedly using money that was accidentally deposited into their bank account, WITN reports.

State police said the couple living at a home on Cypress Street in Montoursville got themselves into hot water after spending money that wasn't theirs.

Investigators said Robert and Tiffany Williams had $120,000 deposited into their account at BB&T May 31 through a mistake by a teller.

But instead of contacting the bank about the deposit, the couple allegedly spent most of the money in just over two weeks from June 3 to June 19.

Neighbors were stunned.

"That is kind of shocking. With all the procedures the banks have set up, checking and double-checking and triple-checking. There's no way anybody gets away with that stuff," said Nate Weaver, a neighbor.

State police said the couple bought an SUV, two four-wheelers, a camper and a car trailer.

They also said the money was used on bills, car repairs and cash purchases. Along with that, the couple allegedly gave $15,000 to friends in need of money.

"I'm not that dumb but some people do stupid things sometimes," said Robert Painton, a neighbor.

Once the bank realized a mistake had been made, it transferred the $120,000 to the correct account.

The bank contacted Tiffany Williams June 20 and told her the couple had to pay back the $107,000 in overdraft fees they incurred.

The bank called again June 21.

Tiffany said she and her husband would work out a payment plan.

Court papers show after those two initial phone calls from the bank, the couple had no contact with bank representatives, despite several attempts by the bank to reach them.

The couple is now facing felony theft charges.

A man at the Williams' home said he was Robert's father and had no idea what was going on.

Robert and Tiffany Williams were released on $25,000 bail.

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  • steve

    In addition to the dishonesty of the pair, I wonder why in hell the bank didn’t notice the problem and freeze the account. Don’t they have red flags that show up when transactions of that value occur? Just wondering.

  • Eve

    Thirty years ago, our savings account had a deposit of 1.4million dollars. We had no idea of its source but obviously “I” knew it was not ours and had to notify our bank as such. My husband really thought we had a right to keep it or at least let it sit a few days for the interest and withdraw that amount before returning the 1.4million. I just shook my head in disbelief thinking “he can’t be that dumb or is he”. Bank corrected their error ( mistakes do happen). Note: I forgot what they called it or reason why but if we kept it no one would have been the wiser. All I knew was that some one or company was out all that money and we didn’t earn it..simple..not our to keep.

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