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Michigan wolf captured, flown to Isle Royale

ISLE ROYALE, Mich. (AP) — The second year of the National Park Service’s wolf relocation project has kicked off with a capture of a wolf on Michigan’s mainland and a flight to Isle Royale in Lake Superior.

Mlive reports the 70-pound male that’s believed to be about three years old was captured this week. The wolf that was flown by seaplane joins 14 others already on Isle Royale and officials hope to ultimately bring as many as 30 new wolves to the island that’s been overrun by more than 2,000 moose.

Officials hope the new predators will be able to reduce the number of the leaf-eating moose before the moose eat their way through the island located about 60 miles northwest of the Upper Peninsula.

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  • Rj

    Why doesn’t the DNR raffle off special hunts to raise money to thin the heard out while raising money for upkeep on the island ? Taking a wolf from the “mainland “ where ever that was took an animal from a pack that’s wondering where one of their members went shouldn’t have happened.

  • Common cents

    Incredibly stupid idea to spend all this money relocating a wolf when hunting would bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    • Matt

      Once the population reached a certain level yes that was the plan, but the anti hunters like the humane society and peta stepped in and shut that down. Now an apex predator was reintroduce with nothing to keep it in check. There was 2 wolf packs on that island before and they both died out. Dnr should figure that out first before letting more loose.

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