More than a dozen displaced after storm ravages Belknap neighborhood in GR

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Many  are displaced others are still without power after storms ravaged parts of Kent County Wednesday night.

"The damage we see here is utter destruction," Consumers Energy Spokesperson Roger Morgenstern said.

The roof of a multiunit apartment building was torn clear off after 100 mph wind made its way through Fairview Avenue. The roof ended up in the street and into a home across the road.

"Unfortunately the house has probably so much damage they are not going to inhabit that place for a while,' Morgenstern added.

Consumers Energy crews have been working to restore power, but things are trickier on the Belknap Lookout.

"This is going to take a lot of time because we have a lot of debris, we’ve got the scene taped off, we got a lot of down wires here," Morgenstern said.

Debris from homes tree and insulation have blanketed this neighborhood as crews work non-stop to restore power to neighbors who still have a roof over their head.

"We have power poles down, we have hundreds of down wires this is one of the harder hits areas obviously but we are working around the clock, our men and women are working 16 hour shifts to get the power back on as soon and as quickly and safely as possible," Morgenstern explained.

In the meantime the community is showing support, many have came to help pick up trash,  Restaurant Partners were serving up coney dogs for those in the area.

"It's extremely important we got to be a part of the community, that’s what we are here to do that’s what we want to do so absolutely," District Manager Ryan Sweeney said.

Thankfully there have been no injuries reported.

Consumers Energy is hoping to have power restored to everyone by Friday night.


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1 Comment

  • lml25

    Here’s a suggestion:AT&T,Sprint etc,should allow limited 4G during power failures to the entire area–since WiFi becomes worthless.It would keep people informed about how bad things are in the area and how to manage the situation(what’s open,what roads to avoid).

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