Michigan to offer over 50,000 free NARCAN kits statewide

MICHIGAN — Gov. Whitmer and the Michigan Department Department of Health and Human Services are getting set to host one of the nation’s largest distributions of the overdose reversal drug, naloxone, also known as NARCAN.

“This is a great day for people across the state who need access to a safe recovery,” Gov. Whitmer said. “It’s on all of us to ensure every Michigander struggling with addiction has the treatment they need to lead safe, healthy lives. I’m excited for this partnership and ready to work with everyone who wants to help us continue to build a stronger Michigan.”

Distributions will take place Saturday September 14 to pharmacies across Michigan. Click here to to see the full map of listed locations.

Accrding to MDHHS, the opioid epidemic continues to devastate Michigan families, with 2,053 opioid overdose deaths in the state in 2017.

There’s also a few locations in the Allegan area as well.

Participating pharmacies in Allegan County include:

  • Meijer Pharmacy, 1195 M 89, Plainwell, MI
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy, 560 Jenner Dr., Allegan, MI
  • Walmart Pharmacy, 412 Oaks Xing, Plainwell, MI
  • Wayland Village Drug, INC., 300 Reno Drive, Wayland, MI

 “Addiction and overdose can affect anyone, so we should all be ready to respond,” states Allegan County Health Officer, Angelique Joynes, MPH, RN

Over 1,000 pharmacies are participating.

“Naloxone is safe to use and can save the life of someone experiencing an opioid overdose,” said Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, MDHHS chief medical executive and chief deputy for health, who is leading the Opioid Task Force. “We want all friends and family members of those who may struggle with an opioid use disorder to get naloxone and be equipped to save a life.”

To learn more about the state’s continued effort click here. 





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  • Adam

    Who is paying for all these????

    It would be nice if they distributed life saving drugs to people who actually care about living like cancer patients for free.

    What a joke

  • steve

    I have a question. There’s a very short time period between discovering someone in trouble and administration of the Narcan in order for it to work. I can’t imagine finding someone so it can be used in a timely fashion? in trouble and driving to Meijer in time to get the Narcan and administer it in time to save a life. How is the stuff going to be distributed

    • steve

      I don’t know how my comment got garbled up. But, the time needed for the Narcan to work is much less that the window of opportunity needed for someone to get the stuff and administer it to be successful. How’s it going to be made aavailable in a timely manner?

  • Joe Canuski

    Why not give out free epi-pens for people who need them and let the drug addicts die??? Sounds like society has it bass-ackwards!!!

  • stop the madness

    Meanwhile, struggling parents of children who need EpiPens to save their child’s life are charged an arm and a leg for them. But morons that “had no idea what they were getting into” or just don’t care are saved for “free.”

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