Tree crashes through roof of Wyoming home

WYOMING, Mich. -- The effects of Wednesday's storm are still being felt more than 48 hours later.

Friday afternoon a family had a tree crash through their roof and this isn’t the only challenge they’ve been facing lately.

Ken Johnson says it sounded like a bomb or an airplane came crashing through the roof of his Wyoming home.

"I ran out the bathroom because I wanted to make sure my wife was OK and I looked out the window and the debris was flying everywhere. She went outside in the back and realized a tree had fallen and went right through the house," Johnson said.

They think the tree was weakened on Wednesday and high winds brought it crashing down today.

"They said the roof is a total loss so we will probably have to move out until that is done. We’ll try to patch it up and tarp it before rain starts tonight, that’s what we are waiting for," Johnson explained.

A tough set of circumstances for the family who are more preoccupied with another situation.

Johnson's 14-year-old granddaughter Savanah was diagnosed with Eastern Equine Encephalitis or EEE, last month.

"We’ve been going through some tough times the last month, my granddaughter Savanah Dehart, the one that’s in the hospital got bit by a mosquito, that’s our granddaughter, she’s been in there for a month, so we got all that and this today, we just can’t do anymore," Johnson added.

She's still in the hospital battling each day.

"She’s making some good turns she’s in Mary Free Bed now, and doctors are looking a lot more optimistic today." Johnson said.

There is a fundraiser to help her family with medical costs, click here if you would like to help.



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