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Michigan state workers notified of potential layoffs

LANSING, Mich. (AP) β€” Michigan’s 48,000 state government workers have been notified of potential temporary layoffs in case the next budget is not enacted before Oct. 1.

Budget director Chris Kolb and department directors emailed employees Monday.

About 30,000, or 62%, of state workers would be temporarily laid off. The rest would be deemed as essential to protecting the health and safety of residents and continue working.

They include prison guards, state troopers, child protective services caseworkers and others.

The Republican-led Legislature has started approving spending bills, though there is no deal with Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

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  • Fish

    How dare the dems make part of the government shut down! How will these people pay there bills? Where is the public out cry and boo hooing?

  • Rj

    Gretchen will do anything in her power to shutter these workers, how many people still work for the unemployment agency with the job market so strong ? Are they still staffed at the max when the unemployment rate was over 5% during the Osama administration ? The state and local municipalities have blotted staff who find ways to increase their overtime and contribution to their pensions. When you see parks getting the grass cut every other day and even when it’s dead there is a problem especially when every holiday there is someone cutting grass that was cut the day before.

  • bob

    The Legislature has started approving spending bills. If there is a government shut down, it will be Governor Whitmers fault if she vetoes those bills. But the lying liberal media will blame Republicans.

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