Business owner scrambling after fire damages Grandville office building

GRANDVILLE, Mich. -- Firefighters are working to determine what sparked a fire at building which features multiple businesses in Grandville.

Witnesses say the fire started at the mixed-use office building near the intersection of Washington Avenue and Chicago Drive around 7:15 a.m. Wednesday.

One business owner Jil Schneider says she was on her way to a meeting when she saw the commotion outside her business and stopped to see what was happening.

Schneider says firefighters told her it was an electrical fire that started in the attic and spread to the insulation.

"Most of the fire was over my office and my office got hit the worse with damage," Schneider said, who is an accounting and tax specialist.  "There's a lot of paper involved, and I am just devastated right now I don't know if my computers work or don't I have to go get them inspected," she said.

As for what is next, Schneider says she is hoping she can still make use of her computers in order to finish work for her clients.

"I got to figure out where I am going to go to do business and it's just going to be a bad time, because it's extension deadline coming up and I have several returns I need to get done, hopefully the paperwork is not that damaged that I can get through them."

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