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One dead after motorcycle and SUV collide

LOWELL TOWNSHIP, Mich — One man is dead following a Wednesday night crash involving a motorcycle and an SUV.

Deputies with the Kent County Sheriff’s Office say a 37-year-old man from Lowell Township was driving a motorcycle southbound on Alden Nash near Segwun just before 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, when he attempted to pass another southbound vehicle and crashed into an SUV traveling in the opposite direction.

The driver of the motorcycle was pronounced dead on scene, while the driver of the SUV, a 67-year-old man from Lowell, was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

It isn’t yet known if alcohol was involved, but the driver of the motorcycle was wearing a helmet. The crash remains under investigation.

***Correction: A previous version of this story said the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet and has since been corrected.***

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    • Perrie Lombardo

      He was wearing a helmet moron. Sounds like he was passing an auto when he shouldn’t have been and it’s very sad that a 37 year old is dead. How about having some sympathy?

    • Compassionate Heart

      Excuse me! He was wearing a helmet. It was a misprint so re read. Second, this is still being investigated but he was a safe motorcycle driver so don’t always assume stuff unless you have EVERY FACT which by the way the news doesn’t always have.

    • Compassionate Heart

      Why would you think that this is something acceptable to post? This man lost his life, his family lost a love one, his friends lost their best friend and his children a father. Shut your garbage trap and show some respect. There are always more to every situation that the news does not report especially when this accident is still under investigation. Either way since you like to run your mouth, tell your parents that they forgot to teach compassion and manners to you. Feel sorry for the surname you represent!

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