Vape shop reacts to flavored nicotine emergency ban

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. -- The state's enforcement on the ban of flavored nicotine vaping products is moving forward. The Department of Health and Human Services announced the ban went into effect Friday, giving retailers 14 days to comply.

It's a measure MDHHS says is aimed at protecting children's health, but some say it's government overreach.

Joseph Mol, owner of Jolt Vape said, "Believe it or not, most of my customers are in disbelief. Almost everyone of my customers says this will never go through. There's no way this can go through."

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's emergency ban on flavored nicotine vaping liquid did go through. Mol, who has 14 days to comply with the rules, says it's a huge hit as the product makes up 98% of his business.

"We have flavoring concentrates, enough to last six months, that probably in retail is over a $100,000 that, I can't move that in 30 days," Mol explained.

"That's going to sit on my shelf and get thrown in the trash can," he said.

Mol feels the government is overstepping its bounds and that the ban will potentially lead to unintended consequences for those who vape.

"The black markets for this stuff is going to be off the hook or to go back to smoking cigarettes," he said.

Mol, who owns multiple West Michigan locations, says vaping businesses like his have had no time to respond or present a fair compromise.

"There's really not much we can do. We're going to hold out as long as we can. Hopefully people will still want to vape, just do flavorless or tobacco flavored. But, I mean, we sell other things like CBD products. CBD products sell very well, but is it enough to sustain my business? I don't know," Mol explained.

While the flavored vaping ban aims to protect kids, Mol says most of his clients are over the age of 40, and his shop doesn't allow minors to enter in the first place.

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    • Matt

      Might as well make an emergency ordinance that you cant go outside because mosquitoes have EEE and will kill you maybe not you but the young and old. How many people die from smoking, EVERY DAY? How many people die from drinking alcohol, EVERY DAY? How many people die because they eat garbage food, EVERY DAY? My point is where will they stop once they start? Not up for vote, they just take. They must not make enough tax revenue off vape shops, so they disguise their overreach to make it look like a favor to you and I. And like you, I dont vape either, so what difference does it real make.

      • Rj

        You gotta include alcohol that kills many, the tobacco industry and the alcohol industry gives way to much money from lobbyists to do anything. Sin taxes are what keeps states coffers full and if every person stopped smoking all states would be complaining because their coffers have run dry.

  • Lil B's

    Time for a tobacco ban in all states look how many that killed or are still living with cobd an cancer they are still suffering without and government control

  • Iamct01

    Never seen government from federal to state level interfere with commerce so fast. Next it will be the semi auto flavor guns are attracting kids and have to be banned.

  • danile

    I am sorry but this is the most messed up ban since prohibition. I don’t do anything (drink, smoke or what have you) and I think all bans and “SIN” tax of this sort are wrong. How is the Governor going to get away with this. Someone needs to sue over this right now, because if they don’t what is the next thing that she will ban cellphones?

    • Rj

      You mean the American Communist lawyers Union (ACLU) ? Us stinking Americans are not part of the communist agenda if you have figured that one out.

  • Rj

    Over 480.000 Americans die every year from cigarettes, when is Jenny gonna ban all tobacco ? Is the tobacco lobbyists pressuring the progressive leadership to ban the vap industry ? Cigarette sale have been falling into the toilet and this whole ban is a way for tobacco to regain it profits. India is now falling into banning all vaping and something is not as it seams.

  • Never Go Full Retard

    Good thing making things illegal stops kids from doing them. Oh wait no, making things illegal makes a black market which makes it easier for kids to do the illegal things. Sorry, I went full retard there for a minute.

  • steve

    If I owned a vape shop, I’d be madder than hell with Governor Whitless. In order to make a splash with her voters, she’s disregarding the impact of this on the independent businessman who might be sitting on a sizable inventory that they’ll be unable to sell legally within 14 days, and if they sell it under the table they’ll be breaking the law. The Governor’s intent may, or may not, be well intended, but to permit such a short time to dispose of inventory is an example thinking that’s a mile wide and about an inch deep.

  • Justin

    This is total bullshit because some punk ass kids got ahold of black market weed products and didnt want to get in trouble for it so they told their parents that they where vaping i uave been vaping for years and i am in perfect health so stop blaming vaping its not the culprit

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