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2 dead after separate overnight shootings on GR’s southeast side

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Two people are dead after a series of shootings on the southeast side of Grand Rapids.

The Grand Rapids Police Department said one happened around 2:15 a.m. Saturday off Ionia Avenue, while the other occurred at 3:20 a.m. Saturday near Diamond Avenue and Sigsbee Street.

By the time police arrived on both scenes, the men were already on their way to hospitals where they later died.

Police are asking the public for help in solving what they say are the city's 12th and 13th homicides this year.

There has not yet been a connection made between the two shootings.

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  • lml25

    The connection is….you don’t want to be out at 3 am.
    The connection is…Grand Rapids’ ghetto is expanding–making the chances of a shooting anywhere from Alpine and Richmond on the north,44 th and Breton area on the south,Union high school area on the west and Maryland ne on the east very high.
    The connection is…as the black population grows–so do the shootings.
    The connection is…drugs ,rentals and section 8 are killing Grand Rapids–figuratively and literally.Want more murders and crime?Build more low income housing–which
    they are.
    The connection is…I said two days ago and the week before,the shootings then would just increase the amount during the next week. Two people were shot 2 days ago–you knew there would be more after that.
    Thank you mayor Bliss and city manager Washington.

  • Rj

    Why do the police ask for help when they know not one person even witnesses will ever help. GR just keep electing progressives mayors and DAs who will not prosecute criminals while releasing illegals who rape rob and kill your families. GR is on its way to become a model city like Detroit or Chicago with over 2038 people shot so far this year and all police have a target on their back and officials in the city could care less.

    • John

      Well, those “progressive” citizens keep electing “progressive” politicians who keep enacting “progressive” policies. That is apparently what they call “progress”. Progress to what? I always thought that the term “progressive’s” was poorly applied in the political sense. It would be more aptly called “regressive”. The goal of the left seem to be to spread the misery around. If there are high crime unsafe areas.. by God we are going to make every place like that. At least when the projects were in one area, you knew what to avoid.

  • Dee

    When, I hear of shootings/killings of our black people it make me sad to know that the gun used are not produce by them
    or that there are angry or mad because of what our reality or society has become.
    Conversations of how the “ghetto” is affecting where certain people live, then they should ask themselves who design the ghetto. Because we are not the inner city but the outer city that WHITE America design to keep us in a BOX like animals.
    While any killing is bad and when one of our Black Brothers’, Fathers’, or Sons’ are killed or the killer we are affected; like white people are affected when one of your own kill a massive amount of people at one time.

  • lml25

    More shootings tonight–very predictable. Next,they’ll try to slide to the west side or NE side and hide from someone wanting to shoot the shooters.On and on it goes.

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