Sparta police: Anybody missing an arrow?

SPARTA, Mich. β€” Police are searching for the owner of a target and arrow after an arrow hit a house in Sparta.

The arrow hit the house inches from a glass window and there was a trampoline and swing set between the target and house behind them. Police say the flight path of the arrow went right by and possibly through the swing set.

Sparta police said it should be common sense not to set up a target range that way, and reminded citizens it’s a misdemeanor to shoot an arrow inside village limits.

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  • Ej

    Hey Sparta police, take the barcode, look at the manufacture and see who sells them, then take it to any of these stores and have them run the barcode and you will have either a cash customer or a credit card customer on video buying that evidence you hold.

    • ahoy

      I suspect very few weapons stores have video cameras. Remember, these are the types of people who despise due process. Why would they keep cameras around if they can just shoot anyone who looks suspicious?

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