Bill would protect vape products with low nicotine levels from ban

E-liquids are displayed for sale, with nicotine warning labels, in a vape shop on September 06, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

LANSING, Mich. — A bill being introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives would exempt flavored vaping products with low nicotine levels from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s ban.

Rep. Steve Johnson, R-Wayland, is sponsoring the bill. He says the government shouldn’t make decisions that would take away from smoking alternatives for responsible adults.

“The governor’s recent directions to her department regarding flavored e-cigarettes goes too far and needs to be limited in ensuring those who want to quit smoking still have options while protecting minors,” he said in a release.

House Bill 5019 would protect flavored vape products with a 2% nicotine level and lower. The statement says Europe has the same nicotine regulation and doesn’t have the same issues with youth vaping levels.

“This common-sense legislation takes into consideration the governor’s concerns regarding youth vaping while also recognizing those that rely on flavored vapes to stay off combustible cigarettes,” the statement says.

(Note: The original post used figures quoted in a release from Rep. Johnson’s office that said the limitation on nicotine content as “with a 2% nicotine level and lower.” The text of the bill says the limit is “20 milliliters or less of nicotine or another substance.” Our copy has been changed to reflect the bill’s text.)

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  • Marion Burt

    At last! A legislator with some common sense! He’s absolutely correct that there’s little vaping “epidemic” among youth when the nicotine levels aren’t as extreme. Most adults prefer the lower levels (and also the flavors) — it’s the kids who want the thrill of the buzz.

  • Joseph Maurice IV

    The is no 2% nic vape juice ther are 6% nic, 3% nic, and 0% nic. These stupid people need to do research on stuff before they try to make them self look and sound smart when in all reality it makes you guys sound as dumb if not dumber then these tidepod meth heads around here. I have been vaping for over 8 years now and i have no issues matter of fact i can run more and play with my 1 1/2 year old son and my 12 year step son with out being short of breath like i use to when i was to smoke 2 to 2 1/2 packs aday. This ban is stupid as the tard that is trying to inforce it with out doing to proper research first that anyone with a smart phone, tablet, or a computer. So do use all a favor and do some research first and have these scientists run test like you guys do for everything else.

    • http2154

      Yes there is 2% and 4% the manufactures can make it whatever they want where you getting info from. I was just online and there was ejuice with 2mg,3mg,4mg,6mg,12mg. So yes he does know what he is talking about here

    • Daniel Bateman

      Actually, before 3mg, 6mg, 12mg etc.. nicotine was measure in % mostly from Chinese manufactures back in 2009, 1.2% = 12mg/ml, 1.8% = 18mg/ml, 2% = 20mg/ml. Yes I have been vaping that long.

  • Rob

    Actually 6%=60mg, 3%=30mg what I think you meant is .6%=6mg and .3%=3mg. A decimal point makes all the difference! So 2% cap would limit users to 20mg which, in my opinion, is enough nicotine to satisfy most smokers and still probably more than needed if you are using decent equipment

  • Phil Morris

    Whitmer should ban all vaping so people will buy more cigarettes and increase the tax revenue to the state. She needs the money to fix the damn roads.

  • Ej

    The state wants their cigarette taxes back to what they were before vaping helped people quit smoking. If these states truly cared they would release what the chemical substances in those who died or injured were using.
    The bust in Minnesota yesterday with the confiscation of over 3.8 million dollars of THC cartridges is the key to why people are all of the sudden being injured or killed by those who chose to legalize marijuana, these are the people who should be held accountable along with Chinese companies making K2 Spice which is proven killers. 80 people in 24 hrs overdosed at Yale last year because of this garbage yet nothing is ever done to hold them accountable.

  • J.B.

    A more kid friendly and government approved/taxed and regulated type of vape..
    But still addictive and slowly killing you of course.
    That sounds about right.

  • RuralRte4

    The oil based vape made with PG shouldn’t even be included with the chemicals, liquid concoction, the tobacco companies put in cartridges and were allowed by gov. to market. Trying to figure out who’s worse: the greed that wants the tobacco money back that are dictating without studies; or, the street sellers that hooked up children a product not sold in any stores. Responsible vaping adults get penalized because of poor enforcement and parenting of minors. The governor shows true colors with this. Microwave popcorn is more damaging than oil PG based vape oil, the flavorings (hence the name “popcorn lung”). Then, there’s the color red in foods that break through the blood brain barrier causing behavioral issues in children… not a peep from Gov., tobacco still on shelves, etc… Very Stupid! It’s about the money and a shake down, IMHO.

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