Vape shop sues to stop Michigan’s ban on flavored e-cigs

(Photo by EVA HAMBACH/AFP/Getty Images)

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The owner of a northern Michigan vape shop is suing to stop Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s ban on flavored electronic cigarettes, contending the emergency rules are illegal and will force him to close his store.

Marc Slis, who operates 906 Vapor in Houghton, filed the lawsuit in Houghton County Circuit Court on Wednesday. It is believed to be the first of what could be several legal challenges against Whitmer’s ban.

Stores are supposed to start complying with the ban on Oct. 2.

Slis says the emergency rules are invalid, arbitrary and capricious in part because tobacco products — the most prevalent source of nicotine — are unaffected by the ban.

Whitmer has said the e-cigarette industry is using candy flavors and deceptive advertising to target children.

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  • Bighorse

    Understand that I do not vape. I am a former smoker – quit 25 years ago.
    This move to ban vaping by the states has one purpose: to drive smokers back to combustible cigarettes to drive up state cigarette tax revenues. Vaping is cutting into cigarette sales, thus the tax revenues are down. Since cigarette sales are down, revenue from the tobacco settlement is also down. Understand that your government doesn’t care about your health or welfare. They care about their revenue and will do whatever is required to confiscate ever more of the public’s money.

  • steve

    I’m no fan of vaping, but if I owned a vaping store and Governor Whitless gave me 14 days to legally dispose of a sizable inventory, I’d be mad as hell. 14 days. I’d sue the state for the value of the inventory I have left after the 14 day period and let the state dispose of it. This whole thing is an example of Whitless’ stupidity. Thinking that’s a mile wide and an inch deep.

  • Iamct01

    Vape juice companies that already changed their labels to less candy like might have a case. Did as they were asked and still got interfering with commerce from one person in government.

  • Ej

    In the meantime Minnesota has raided a home with over 3.8 million dollars worth of THC cartridges. Most if not all who have died or been hospitalized from vaping problems is directly from these yet they are going after the thousands of people’s job who have done nothing to harm people ? Sounds like the tobacco companies need people back smoking. When is there going to be chemical results released ? The same time the chemical test of all the Americans dying in the Dominican Republic are released ? That’s right they swept them murders under the rug.

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