Widow struggles to get movement on life insurance claim

WAYLAND, Mich. — You pay insurance in the event something goes wrong. For Victoria Dame, that was the unexpected death of her husband.

She says the struggle to claim his life insurance hasn't made the grieving process any easier.

"It's paid for. I'm not asking for something I didn't deserve. We paid for it," Dame said.

She says she took out her AFLAC policy before the two got married last year and added him on once they tied the knot.

Richard Dame passed away April 4. Victoria says she notified AFLAC on April 16 and sent the company a copy of his death certificate. She said she also offered to send information in May that the insurance provider requested from Metro Health.

But since that time, she says the $50,000 policy hasn't been paid out.

"It was they were waiting for information from one of his doctors in specific. But since then it's just saying they're waiting for more information. 'We apologize for the wait. We know this is a trying time for you, but we're still waiting for more information.' And that's all I get from them," Dame explained.

She says by now she at least would've expected to hear if her claim was denied, but she says AFLAC has continued to charge for his monthly premiums.

"I don't understand what the hold up is. My husband died of a heart attack. It was not expected. He didn't have any condition that — it just happened," Dame said.

In the meantime, she says she has burial-related expenses, credit card debt and bills to try and pay down off one income. She says she reached out to the Problem Solvers to not only put an end to her frustrations but to also make the process smoother for others.

"I'm a young widow. I have ... I can stand up for myself. What if this was an older woman or an older man that doesn't understand? I would hate to see this happen to somebody else," she said.

FOX 17 contacted AFLAC corporate, but hasn't heard back yet. Dame's information has been forwarded so someone can take a look and get back with her on her claim. We'll let you know how this turns out.

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  • Johnny fever

    Aflac is a garbage organization that pulls this crap all the time. Good luck to anybody that pays in and then gets hurt or worse and has to try to get them to pay out.

    • Charles

      Exact same thing is happening to us with mom’s life insurance we thought funeral was paid for the day before the funeral we find out they are going to put everything on hold until they get all the doctors results in. We used my 401k to pay for the funeral. But that’s with State farm still waiting on results of it. It feels like I’m a inconvence to them but I paid the life insurance policy and car insurance for her because she had no income. But it’s only 10,000.00 and for the hit with 401k we paid the for funeral like 3 times

  • Jayne Goossen

    I wonder how many people struggle with life insurance paying up claims owe to them.I am grieving the lost of my husband,who died 4 months ago,I have called Met Life numerous times,been given the run around ,I have given everything they asked but still no check! I can’t move on until this is resolved.When I saw Victoria Dame on Fox 17 Problem Solvers, I just wanted to hug her and tell I know how she felt…struck waiting for money that is meant to help you get through your grieving and of course pay your bills! I hope Darron can help our West Michigan rock star!

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