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Dog stolen after video prompts abuse claims

Grandville Police

GRANDVILLE, Mich — Grandville Police are investigating after a dog was stolen during a home invasion. It happened Friday morning at the home in the 2800 block of Vermont Avenue SW. Police say a 5-month-old black and white pit bull was taken, and the investigation is ongoing.

FOX 17 has learned that stolen dog was at the center of multiple animal abuse claims. A video shared on Facebook shows the dog eating out of a bowl, with what appears to be weights around its neck. It’s not clear when the video was taken, but Kent County tells us it received multiple complaints. Officers responded and told the owner to remove the weights, and he complied. Police were later called to the home two more times, but the weights were not being used.

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to call Grandville Police at (616) 538-6110 or Silent Observer.

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  • Dan Dougherty

    I’m glad someone took this poor pup from an abusive home. This man isn’t just putting weights on his dog, he’s also abusing him when he’s inside the house as well, according to his neighbor. The weights on the dog is a huge sign of training the dog for dog fighting. Hope he doesn’t get the dog back and the cops arrest him for dog fighting and animal cruelty.

    • D. Schneider

      Thanks for your comment Dan. You are correct about it being trained for dog fighting. Why wasn’t this dog removed the property when the Grandville PD saw the weights on strapped around it’s neck. It’s proof enough what abuse this poor puppy had been enduring. I can only hope & pray that it was taken from someone that doesn’t know this heartless & spineless lowlife.

  • Taylor

    Why do you post the story about the person who stole it , but not about the poor dog being abused when it was going all around social media. Maybe you could have gotten animal control to do something if you ran this story right.

  • D. Schneider

    The video & pictures clearly show the puppy being abused. If KCAC chooses not to protect these innocent animals that we pay them to do, caring citizens will step up and will do it for them. There is a chance it was not stolen, only moved by the very family abusing it. I can only hope that they never own another animal again.

  • D. Schneider

    So your story headline states the puppy was stolen!! Was it proven, before you make the judgment and print it?? Many people question it was actually stolen. The video blatantly shows the puppy being abused, so how is that a “claim” as you are calling it, it’s a proven fact. Watch the video, do a through job of viewing pictures, check to see how many times Kent County Animal Control was called prior to the video surfacing. I typically support Fox 17 because you seem to tell the facts, but you are absolutely wrong about this one. Ask the real questions that your viewers want to know, like why the owner abuses a 5 month old puppy tying it down with heavy weights, why his “pet” isn’t fed food and offered water on a regular daily basis, why it doesn’t have proper bedding…..

    • Speaking up on behalf of voiceless dogs

      Documents from Kent County Animal control show they were called out to this property several times, the owner admitted to disciplining the dog with a belt for digging holes in the backyard (Probably because it is left tied up all day and is bored as any dog would) After complying with AC request to remove the weights from the dog and to get it properly registered they were “not breaking any laws” and the dog was returned. These type of people do not deserve to have a dog and they flat out lied on camera saying this is a therapy dog. Where this dog is now I am sure it is a better place than with these barbaric animal abusers.

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