Parent angered over ‘inappropriate’ Trump question on middle school quiz

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — A Florida middle school teacher is under fire after students took a quiz with a controversial question involving President Trump.

According to the Boca Raton Tribune, a parent, who chose to remain anonymous, was extremely upset over a quiz question given to their child.

The students were given the following description to match with a president: “45th Pres; 2017; Republican; Real Estate businessman; Idiot.”  The question was multiple choice with these answers:

  • Barack Obama
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Donald Trump
  • Gerald Ford

After taking the quiz, one student told his parent about it.  This parent then contacted administration, the newspaper reports.

The school’s principal reportedly released a letter to parents saying, in part:

“The question was inappropriate and demonstrated an unacceptable lack of good judgement on the part of the teacher.”

The principal also said the teacher is being investigated and has been reassigned during the investigation.

The quiz appears to have been published on Quizlet, an online service that allows students to study information using flashcards, quizzes, games and other learning tools.

Click here to view the “Modern Presidents” quiz on Quizlet.

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    • On It

      Is that you, Whitmer? That was my guess because it was too civil to be from that thing that supposedly represents Michigan while fundraising with profane t shirts, & being completely disrespectful to someone who came to congress to defend their right to vape instead of smoke.

  • Ron the unrighteous

    We’ll maybe they should have a question like: 44th president, community organizer, Kenyan, bisexual, transgender wife thing.

    • On It

      Correction: Did you hear about the NC high school teacher who just last week told her class that Pence should be sh*t in the head. That good with you too?

    • On It

      The truth is this is what teachers are doing every day. This and worse. Home school, save your children. Thanks moderators for proving your bias.

  • Danny G

    Spot on question with an easy answer. And lo they all got it CORRECT! Easy enough but some of the commenters here can’t get it right. The man is a fool and the test has it right on the money.

  • On It

    Normally 9 out of 10 replies here are in support of the president. This question must have sent teachers, & their spouses here to reply. When you see what they are supporting, that’s all you need to know about what kind of slanted education our kids are getting.

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