Girl recants accusation that classmates cut her dreadlocks

The girl, Amari Allen, tells CNN that three white boys at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield, Virginia, pinned her on Monday to a playground slide and cut several of her dreadlocks.

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (AP) — A northern Virginia girl has recanted her accusation that three classmates grabbed her and cut her dreadlocks on the playground of a northern Virginia private school.

The Washington Post reports that the girl’s family issued an apology Monday to the boys, the school and the community.

Last week the 12-year-old girl told multiple media outlets that three of her sixth-grade classmates at Immanuel Christian School in Springfield called her hair “ugly” while they assaulted her at recess. The girl is African American and said her attackers were white. The story received national attention.

The school’s principal, Stephen Danish, sent a statement to parents Monday confirming the allegations were false. He said the school feels “tremendous pain for the victims and the hurt on both sides of this conflict.”

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    • BP

      Not only that household. All black households. They only believe what they’re told . They believe president Trump is racist. All whites are racist.. sad

  • C

    This is simply another case of a child being used to promote racism by a black adult. It’s happened before here in town and it’ll happen again. Yet, they wonder why people look with skepticism on their claims.

    • lml25

      NBC Nightly “News” –which is all black and has a black anchor (Lester Holt)who airs these types of stories without corroboration,but with plenty of haste,showed this story on Friday for 5 minutes,trying to stoke racism against whites.
      Tonight,the truth comes out and no retraction of the accusations against the white boys.Holt should be fired.

  • Matt

    School deels tremendous pain for the victims on both sides…………..there is only one side that you should feel sorry for and one side that deserves an apology. The other side is responsible for 80% of the racism in this country.

  • Todd

    Does anyone remember the girls in Grand Rapids who said a white man urinated on her last year? That was made up also. These stories and the people who make them up need to be punished just severely. Both of these incidents could have easily started riots and caused loss of life and property.

    • Ron the unrighteous

      Like if they didn’t fire the policeman in mehskegon (spelling on purpose) because community leaders said they’d “go wild”?
      No truer words were spoken.

  • Donna

    until the truth comes out, these stories should not be published. Yesterday there were people saying these boys need to be dealt with harshly, but today not one of them is saying anything

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