Should a restaurant charge you for water?

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  • Michael

    Slow news day?

    “I thought it was illegal to charge for water”

    So do you walk out of Meijer with your free case of water every time you go shopping? I tend to agree with the business- the cups aren’t free. When you order a cookie you aren’t exactly splurging.

    Stop being cheap.

  • Aj

    If the city can force you to use their water and force you to pay for that water, hell yeah I can charge you for the water and cup. Want free water? There is a puddle outside.

  • - sigh -

    But she has no problem with the cost of driving to a restaurant and paying $1 for 2 cookies, nothing else? The difference in the restaurant’s real world total costs between producing that cup of ice water and a soft drink is literally a few cents, should they give away soft drinks for free too?

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