AG seeks to halt adoption ruling, denies anti-Catholic bias

Attorney General Dana Nessel

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is asking a federal judge to halt an injunction that lets religious-based adoption and foster care agencies refuse to serve LGBT couples.

The Democrat announced Friday that she filed an emergency motion for a stay Thursday.

She contends U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker in Grand Rapids, who ruled last month, misinterpreted a 2015 state law. She says the law allows child-placing agencies to turn away families in private cases based on their sincerely held religious beliefs, but not when they place state-supervised children.

Nessel says the injunction upended a non-discrimination policy that’s been in place several years.

Nessel also says the judge misconstrued and took out of context her past criticism of the Republican-enacted law. Her office says Jonker wrongly accused Nessel of being anti-Catholic.

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  • On It

    Worst AG ever. Thanks Whitmer, every little thing you do is the worst ever. You are the Obama to Granholm’s Carter. She thanks you, I’m sure.

  • Kevin Rahe

    Adoption is about finding parents for a child, not the other way around. Being raised by a same-gender couple is a highly-unnatural place for a child to find himself or herself – far more unnatural even than being raised by a single parent. Any agency that would place a child in such a situation – especially if they receive taxpayer money to do so – has a lot of explaining to do. AG Nessel has instead targeted the agencies that are INNOCENT in the whole matter. What an upside-down world.

    • Kevin Rahe

      So you would be okay with them forcing you to specifically approve of their church or cooperate in the promotion of it or at least their association with it as a good thing?

    • C

      Maybe the people you’re critical of realize that a house that is headed by both a male and a female are in the best interests of the child. For you to promote an LGBT family lifestyle as ‘normal’ is abnormal.

  • takk

    lgbt are families all so ,who cares of there sexual orientation, those children are what should come first ,a loving home free of ant type of harm is what should matter don’t think christen are better people religion don’t automatically mean good .

    • Kevin Rahe

      No statistically-significant sample of adults raised in a household headed by same-gender “parents” has ever surfaced in a random national survey intended to measure outcomes for children raised in various situations. So we really don’t know how children tend to do in those situations. We shouldn’t be experimenting with children’s lives that way, especially when they can be placed in other situations that are more natural and where the challenges they will face and how they tend to do in them are much better known.

  • Matt

    Close schools take funding away from whoever they want, but dont piss off the alphabet they have more rights then anyone and if you do something that makes the alphabet mad and didnt break the law the alphabet will turn you into a media circus. Media plays right into it.

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