Where to see the best Fall colors in Kent County

KENT COUNTY, Mich. -- Trees across Michigan are changing their colors and the Kent County Road Commission wants to help you find some for the best sights for the Fall Color Tour.

The commission has put together a map of the prettiest streets in the county which includes nine routes which all interconnect. In total, the plan covers nearly 240 miles.

"Kent County is very diverse in its landscape," said Steve Warren, managing director with the Kent County Road Commission.

While many people know how to get to metro Grand Rapids most of the recommendations will take you to out-of- the-way spots that few would normally visit.

"There`s farmland, there`s woodlands, there`s rolling countryside, so there`s quite a variety and with these nine different routes, people can kind of pick and choose different areas they haven`t been to before, maybe areas they`re familiar with and they just want a guided tour. so it really opens up what is a beautiful part of Michigan," he said.

Warren said the Fall Color tour was popular in the 50's and was brought back in 2016 by popular demand for people to get out and enjoy the fall colors

"Look for the big red, yellow maples," Warren said when asked about which trees are the best to go and see. "Those are probably the prettiest", he said. "We’re blessed with a lot of maple trees so a lot of different colors, varieties of red and yellow, and it’s a good time to get out," Warren said.

KCRC encourages people to post their favorite photos and tag @mikcrc on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Remember to use the hashtag #LoveFallRoads.

For more information, click here.

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