Kick-start your cosmetology career at The Salon Professional Academy

If a career in cosmetology or the spa industry is calling your name, let the answer be the Salon Professional Academy in Holland.

See how this award-winning beauty school is producing some top talent, with a big beauty product name behind them.

The Salon Professional Academy of Holland is located at 2975 West Shore Drive.

To learn more, call (616)-377-2855 or visit

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  • Raul Padron

    My wife had a mental breakdown after attending this school. They kicked her out unfairly. They give suspensions if you don’t fit in that count against your overall attendance. After a certain amount of absences you are forced to leave. It doesn’t matter that these absences were due to medical reasons.

  • Carrie

    I would not recommend this school to anyone. A relative of mine attended and it was nothing but hassle.For a girl who was excited about starting here she ended up coming home daily feeling degraded, embarrassed, less of a person than what she is which is a wonderful,kind,caring, talented and beautiful young lady. This school shows favoritism and its leaders/staff members are so fake. They scam you out of a lot of money. You jump a lot of hoops to get the recognition that you earn and deserve. By this, I mean that the owner of the salon also owns Bombshell next door. The school is basically a way for her to scout her next employees for Bombshell. They expect the girls to gussy up and wear more makeup than girls are use to/style their own hair to Rachel’s expectations. This is not allowing girls to be themselves and if you dont appear to be the made up “Barbie doll”Rachel wants you to be then you are not picked for Bombshell or put in a good referral when other salons come in and tour the facility when they are looking to recruit for their establishment. They are not fair when medical issues come in to play. Also they harrass you for payments when you get behind. For your sake GO ELSEWHERE. You will regret this choice if you choose to go.

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