You can have a voice from FOX 17 Morning News on your Waze app!

How would you like to have Floor Director Mike Davis give you directions while you drive? Or someone else from our FOX 17 Morning News team, including our anchors, meteorologists, news reporters, or traffic reporter?

Waze makes it possible to record your own directions or download directions from others, so the FOX 17 Morning News crew have recorded driving directions for you.

If you’re reading this through our app, each link below will take you to Waze and download our audio to your app. Then you can change your voice setting to allow one of us to guide you on the road. Note: Our instructions will not include street and highway names, but they are paired with Waze maps to tell you when to turn or when to take an exit.

If you are reading this through a browser on your computer, the link will direct you to download the appropriate app on your phone, so you’ll have to use your phone anyway. On the FOX 17 News app, search “Waze.”

These directions are based on iPhone settings. The Waze app on Android looks different.

Tap on the voice you want to hear. The link will open your Waze app and automatically download the voice you choose. You won’t hear the voice until you use the app as a road guide.

 Mike Avery
Floor Director Mike Davis 
Anthony Domol 
Candace Monacelli 
Robb Westaby 
Nicole DiDonato 
Alyssa Hearin 

If your favorite FOX 17 Morning News member isn't on the list here, check back as we add them.

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