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Know the Law – Deer Season Law

Deer are everywhere in Michigan so attorney Tom Sinas recently shared the laws that apply to them, particularly during deer season. He first covered this year’s deer hunting laws, which include an expansion of baiting bans to all of the lower peninsula and major sections of the upper peninsula. Tom also discussed car-deer collisions, which contribute to an upward of 1 in 6 accidents in Michigan, offering tips for avoiding hitting deer, and reminding viewers that, in instances of injury, no-fault benefits still apply to these types of collisions. For more information visit

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  • John S Lakatos

    Would you please not have this lawyer on your news for his uninformed, personal agenda comments? He hasn’t a clue about deer movements in the Fall months! They move at all hours of the day and night due to their breeding season, not because of hunter pressure! They would be doing this even if there were no hunters around or for that matter, vehicles to ram into them. They just do what they do.
    As for the No-Fault insurance concerns of his, of course he has concerns! As you all know, Michigan has the highest insurance rates in the country and when( Thank God) Michigan can finally get reasonable rates for the hard working people so we don’t have to feel like we’re being taken advantage of, it will be a GREAT thing! Lawyers are concerned because they’re losing business because of the new insurance law and the insurance companies are concerned because of the same reason. You all know that any other state in the country that has regular auto insurance (not No Fault), it works just fine for them.
    Please get this biased scam lawyer off your news programs.

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