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Mom whose overdose photo went viral celebrates 3 years of sobriety with photo shoot

HOPE, Ind. (CNN) – An Indiana mother who went viral for all of the wrong reasons three years ago celebrated three years of sobriety with a photo shoot with her son.

Erika Hurt’s life changed forever when she was found overdosed behind the wheel of her car with her infant son in the backseat back in 2016.

Police took photos of Hurt, unconscious in the vehicle, and still holding the syringe in her hand. She had to be revived using two doses of Narcan.

Those photos were shared with media to help shed light on the heroin epidemic, the Town Marshall told GMA.

Hurt told ABC she first saw the photos while she was sitting in rehab, two days later.

Three years later, new photos of Hurt and her son are going viral — for all of the right reasons.

“I hope people see how low my bottom was and that they know if their bottom is not that far from mine, that they can come back too,” Hurt told Good Morning America . “I just think it’s really cool because I feel even more planted and stable in my recovery [today].”

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1 Comment

  • Matt

    Good for but why dont we here more stories like this? Im still against it. If you’re stupid enough to do heroin meth oxy fentanyl YOU pay for it and carry it! NOT my taxes. How about free EpiPens for people that cant afford them? Whitchmore?? Because there’s no money in it for them. Full jails and busy courts keep the money coming in. And half you people out there think the government cares about you.

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