Candese Charles joined FOX 17 in January 2018.

Like many reporters, she always knew she wanted to be a reporter. Unlike many reporters she discovered at that tender age of six. Since then she’s thrown herself in the journalism world in every way imaginable…creating the “Charles Gazette” in second grade, joining on as an editor for “The Wildcat” in high school, and rocking the “Pioneer” anchor desk in college.

Originally from Los Angeles, her journey to FOX 17 has taken her all over the map. After spending time at Howard University in DC and graduating from California State University, East Bay, she studied abroad at Chung-Ang University in Seoul, Korea. She took it up a notch and became a Golden Bear at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism…Go Bears! Interning with the investigative unit at NBC Bay Area in San Jose and KRON 4 in San Francisco along the way!

She comes to FOX 17 from NBC Affiliate, KMOT, in Minot, North Dakota, where she spent almost two years doing everything from live hits from the historic North Dakota State Fair to covering human trafficking in “Oil Country”.

When Candese is not hunting for leads to impactful stories, she’s eating at Grand Rapids’ eateries and watching old flicks.

If you have a story idea, a great local restaurant for the foodie to check out, or a must see movie recommendation, send her a message!

Twitter: @candesecharles
Facebook: @candesecharlesreporter​

Recent Articles
  • Michigan boy burned, experts warn of viral ‘fire challenge’

    DEARBORN, Mich. — A YouTube challenge has landed a Michigan boy in the hospital. It’s called the fire challenge, which is simple but extremely dangerous. It involves dousing yourself or a friend in flammable liquid, lighting it on fire and recording it. Twelve-year-old Jason Cleary from Dearborn tried the challenge out with a friend. “The first time it was like a little tiny fire then it gulfed and they kept spraying it on me,” Cleary told Detroit station WDIV. “I […]

  • Ionia Middle School staff member saves choking student

    IONIA, Mich. — An employee at Ionia Middle School is being called a hero after saving a choking student. Tanya Fletcher has watched seventh-grader Rosemary Roberts grow up for the last couple of years but a recent brush with death has brought the two closer. Rosemary was eating lunch Tuesday when a chip got logged in her throat. After trying to cough it up, she told her sister she couldn’t breathe and that’s where Fletcher came in. “The student directed […]

  • Counselors concerned proposed licensing rules could impact mental health care

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A proposed change in state licensing requirements for counselors could impact mental health care for up to 150,000 Michiganders. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs says they simply want to clarify what counselors can do. As of now, state regulations categorize diagnosis and psychotherapy as a clinical technique, but that would change under these new proposed rules. LARA released the plan this summer, which would shift the terms “diagnosis” and “psychotherapy” out of the […]

  • GM strike impacting nonunion auto workers

    WYOMING, Mich. — It’s day 17 of the GM strike but it’s not just union workers feeling the impact. Some nonunion workers  in West Michigan say they’re in even worse shape. As the strike by the United Auto Workers hit week three, nonunion workers in the industry say they are being put in a tough position. “I’m on every other day, I have been since the strike started, but then there’s other people who aren’t even working that and it’s […]

  • Grand Rapids junk man in a heap of trouble with the city

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Bill Peterson is facing fines and jail time for his passion for recycling. The city says he’s violating ordinances and wants him to clean up his yard. Some would call him an environmentalist with an extreme passion to recycle, but Peterson says he’s only doing what he’s used to: finding things to repurpose. “I’m in the business of taking detritus from people and sorting through trying to get the maximum use and reuse out of it […]

  • Ionia’s positive signs combating suicide believed to be stolen

    IONIA, Mich. — They were meant to inspire the community, but now some signs with positive and uplifting messages in Ionia have disappeared, and the people who put them up believe they’ve been stolen. Two of those signs have been sitting along M-66 near Schoolboy Road for weeks until they disappeared on Monday. “They just were gone. I have checked the whole yard, I thought maybe it blew down in the storm the other night. They’re just gone,” said Brenna […]

  • Hope Ride raising money for families battling cancer

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge provides patients from all over the country who go through treatment in Grand Rapids a home away from home at no cost. But they can’t do it without the generosity of local families through the Gears and Cheers Hope Ride. “It gives you hope, It gives you hope. And that we’re not alone,” says Amy Butler, who’s staying at the Hope Lodge while she does clinical trail to battle colon […]

  • Woman posting positive messages to combat suicide

    IONIA, Mich. — People have been noticing signs with positive messages on the sides of the road while driving all over Ionia. They say things like “you matter” and “you are worthy of love.” While they are bringing a smile to people passing by, the woman behind those messages says the signs are about more than that — it’s about saving lives. Joanna Wohlfert is the person responsible for the signs and is hoping they will spark some change. “This […]

  • Caught on Camera: Porch pirate steals package

    WYOMING, Mich. — Justin Saladin arrived at his Wyoming home Thursday night expecting to find his Amazon package on his porch, but it was nowhere to be found. So he checked the security footage and was shocked to find a man walk up to his porch, pretending to be a Door Dash deliver, snatch the package and leave. Little did the suspected thief know, he would be caught in the act, committing a crime that police say is all too […]

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