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  • Disney+ warns viewers old movies may have ‘outdated cultural depictions’

    (CNN) — Viewers who signed up to stream Disney+ were greeted with disclaimers about racist and offensive content in some older movies. “Dumbo,” for example, had this statement at the bottom of the movie’s description: “This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.” The original “Dumbo” notoriously featured a character named Jim Crow, leader of a group of black crows, that was voiced by a Caucasian actor using a stereotypical African-American accent. Director Tim Burton […]

  • Cigarette smoking falls to record low in US

    (CNN) — Cigarette smoking among U.S. adults fell to its lowest recorded level in 2018: 13.7%, according to a report published Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That represents a drop of roughly two-thirds since the CDC started collecting this data in 1965. “This marked decline in cigarette smoking is the achievement of a consistent and coordinated effort by the public health community and our many partners,” the agency’s director, Dr. Robert R. Redfield, said in […]

  • Fluffy dinosaurs used to live at the South Pole, scientists say

    (CNN) — The South Pole has been home to penguins, whales and — 100 million years ago — dinosaurs with fluffy feathers, new findings show. This is the first time scientists have ever found evidence that dinosaurs used feathers in extreme climates like the southern polar circle, according to the study, which was published this week in the journal Gondwana Research. A team of international scientists examined a collection of 118-year-old fossils that were found in Koonwarra, Australia, but that […]

  • The morning before his family’s Disney vacation, a firefighter died saving his comrades from a house fire

    (CNN) — Just hours before a planned family vacation to Disney World, a veteran firefighter was killed early Wednesday when his ladder crew got trapped while searching for residents in a four-alarm fire, authorities in Worcester, Massachusetts, said. Lt. Jason Menard, 39, was among the firefighters who responded to calls of a fire on the second floor of a multifamily home, with a baby possibly trapped on the third floor, his department said in a statement. “Lt. Menard heroically and […]

  • Nearly all toddlers, and the majority of babies, eat too much added sugar in the US, study says

    (CNN) — A new analysis of national data published Wednesday finds 98% of toddlers and two-thirds of infants consume added sugars in their diets each day. The American Heart Association recommends children less than two years of age not have access to any added sugars, which includes any sweeteners that don’t naturally occur in food. “The consumption of added sugars among children has been associated with negative health conditions such as cavities, asthma, obesity, elevated blood pressure, and altered lipid […]

  • Cat put in ‘solitary confinement’ for freeing other cats from shelter

    Quilty the cat, welcome to the resistance. This wily 6-year-old rescue cat has become the newest darling of the internet thanks to his mutinous attempts to free himself and the rest of his cat brethren from Friends for Life Animal Shelter in Houston. A set of very angry photos of Quilty serving time for his crimes have caught fire online, an important reminder that cats are lawless creatures who can and will betray us the moment they feel it necessary. […]

  • 12-year-old, nurse honored for saving toddler from drowning

    OMAHA, NE (WOWT) — A touching moment Tuesday for a metro middle school student who helped save a life over the summer. The sixth-grader from Millard’s Anderson Middle School jumped into action when he noticed a toddler at the bottom of the pool. Preston Caniglia, 12, was honored by the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office in front of all his classmates on Tuesday. “Someone said there’s a kid at the bottom of the pool and when I looked down I thought […]

  • ‘Don’t get discouraged’: Jimmy Carter’s church prays for his recovery after hospitalization

    (CNN) — A small crowd gathered Tuesday at former President Jimmy Carter’s church where they prayed for his recovery hours after he underwent an operation to relieve pressure on his brain from recent falls. “This week has been a trying week for our church. We have one of our favorite members in the hospital,” said Rev. Tony Lowden, the pastor at Maranatha Baptist Church, Carter’s church in Plains, a community of fewer than a thousand people about 160 miles south […]

  • More people are surviving lung cancer in the US, report finds

    (CNN) — Over the past decade, the rate of new lung cancer cases diagnosed in the United States has dropped 19% and the five-year survival rate has climbed 26%, according to a new report. Yet lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death nationwide — and your chances of surviving lung cancer can vary drastically depending on where you live. The American Lung Association’s “State of Lung Cancer” report, published Wednesday, found the national incidence rate of lung cancer […]

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