My alarm goes off at 2 a.m. every morning but I’ll admit it, I press snooze a few times before getting out of bed! I joined Fox17 in March 2013 as a general assignment reporter and made the switch to mornings in September 2014.

Before joining Fox17, I worked as a reporter in Lansing at WLNS-TV. A graduate of Central Michigan University and native of Detroit, the mitten has always been home. Growing up I always said I wanted to leave Michigan, but when the time came I realized how much I loved it and once I found West Michigan there was no leaving. I am always up to try a new adventure and this area has so much to offer!

As for the job, it has taught me a great deal over the years and really made me realize that everyone truly has their own unique story. But it’s when you actually take the time to listen you learn the most about others and yourself.

Follow me on twitter @deannafalzone but I’ll warn you, you’ll see a lot of pictures of four-legged fur child!

Recent Articles
  • Local moms on a mission to support others after losing a baby

    One in nine women will some day experience postpartum depression, and one in four will experience a miscarriage in their lives. It can be a hard conversation to have, but it’s important. We first met Tabitha Grassmid two years ago when she opened up to us about her struggle with postpartum depression. Since then, she has made it her mission to help other mothers. She recently created the non profit Maternal Wellness Program. Its mission is to end the stigma […]

  • ‘Go Orange’ for child hunger and Kids’ Food Bakset

    Did you know 1 in 5 kids in West Michigan are affected by hunger? Today (Friday, March 22) you can be apart of raising awareness during Kids’ Food Basket, ‘Go Orange Day’. Everyday Kids’ Food Basket provides thousands of sack suppers to kids across West Michigan, food they might otherwise go without. There are several ways you can take part in today, click on the events here or you can simply wear orange to spread the word.

  • Go Orange to fight childhood hunger in West Michigan

    FOX 17 is continuing our work with Kids’ Food Basket to raise awareness about childhood hunger. Every March we shine a spotlight on the need in West Michigan, because the reality is that 1 in 5 kids can’t count on having access to good, nourishing food every day. In fact, Kids’ Food Basket says they serve 7,500 kids every single day, and the need is growing. This Friday, March 22, is Kids’ Food Basket’s Go Orange Day, with events planned […]

  • Inspired Mama: Conference designed to support and connect moms

    Motherhood can be messy, its full of highs and lows, sometimes within a matter of minutes. Often times the ‘job’ can feel overwhelming. That`s where the vision of Samantha Cutler comes in, she is on a mission to create a community of support for moms. “I mean it`s the hardest job, but the most fulfilling at the same time and I think it`s hard to admit that sometimes especially when you don`t have that group of moms that you`ve bonded […]

  • Attacking childhood hunger in West Michigan with Kids’ Food Basket

    Every March Fox 17 teams up with Kids’ Food Basket to raise awareness about childhood hunger. We kicked things off this year with a school administrator who sees the need first hand. Brandy Carey is an Early Childhood Specialist at Orchard View Early Elementary and says, “if its not right in front of you and its not something that your living with every day, not prevalent in your world then its not something that you generally think about.” But it`s […]

  • Rare Disease Day: stories full of hope and strength

    Today is Rare Disease Day, recognized on February 28th, one of the rarest days of the year. Here in West Michigan there are dozens and dozens and families who are touched by rare conditions. We feature them often on Fox17. Their stories are full of strength and inspiration. Here’s something eye opening, 1 in 20 people worldwide live with a rare disease at some point in their life. Yet, 95% of these diseases have no treatment available. Children also represent […]

  • Kids’ Food Basket: 24 hour day of giving

    Day of Giving: February 22, 2019 Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect as listed on the Kids’ Food Basket website. “Join us for 24 hours of giving and fun as we work to raise $24,000 in one day for the Feeding Our Future campaign. Take part and invite your friends, family and peers to take part in a variety of activities hosted by community members and businesses. A gift of $100 to be featured on our donor wall […]

  • Grace’s Table: A place for teen moms to find hope

    According to their website, “Grace’s Table is a community where girls are welcomed as they are, invited to connect with others, and become a part of the family. In a time of uncertainty and turmoil, Grace’s Table is a resting place, an anchor, and a firm foundation for teen mothers and their children, from mothers-to-be, to newborns and  toddlers. Grace’s Table represents safety and stability in the midst of uncertainty. When day-to-day living is filled with insecurity and doubt, our […]

  • Two moms share unexpected, powerful bond

    This is the story of two Olivias, both fighting medical conditons. And how one Olivia’s mother gave something special to the other Olivia’s mom. Olivia Hanson, just six years old, fell severely ill last summer. It started with a fever and a cough, but within days she was paralyzed, unable to even lift her head. She even ended up on a ventilator. Olivia spent four weeks at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and nine weeks at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. […]

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