Erik Kostrzewa is the newest member of the FOX 17 weather team, joining the station in June of 2018. He was born and raised in the state of Michigan; spending much of his life in the suburbs of Detroit. Erik attended the University of Michigan and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Systems Science and Engineering with a concentration in Meteorology.

His first on-air job was in Lansing, Michigan at WLNS-TV. While in the heart of the lower peninsula, Erik covered a wide variety of challenging weather. He is familiar with how quickly the seasons seem to change here and is excited to bring his knowledge to the west side of the state.

On his off days, you’ll find Erik on the golf course, hiking some of the best trails known to Michigan or up north at Houghton Lake relaxing by the water. He also plans on sharpening his skiing skills during the winter months on the slopes in West Michigan.

Erik definitely has an interesting last name which comes from his Polish descent. If you are wondering how it is pronounced, the easiest way to say it is “Ka-Stree-Va”.

Have any story ideas or want to connect with him on social media? You can search for Erik Kostrzewa on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using his name or by searching for the username @FOX17Erik. He can also be reached by email at​

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