Garry has been with FOX 17 since April of 2015, coming to West Michigan from the sunniest place on the planet in Yuma, Arizona. He graduated from the University of Missouri and has been interested in the weather since he was a child in Kansas City, Missouri. He’s a scratch golfer and you’ll likely find him teeing it up after he completes his early morning shift on FOX 17 Morning News.

Recent Articles
  • Western wildfire smoke affecting West Michigan

    WEST MICHIGAN- Have you noticed the general haze in the sky very recently, especially during the sunrise and sunset?  It’s very apparent when the sun is low on the horizon because of the colors those particulates in the air provide. It’s hard to believe, but that smoke is from the western wildfires in California, Arizona, and Colorado (among others.)  Our weather pattern and jet stream has picked up the copious amounts of smoke being produced and sent it downstream, and […]

  • Sunday’s weather cooperates for Perseid meteor shower viewing

    WEST MICHIGAN-  The weather has been pretty good the last few nights if you’ve attempted to view the Perseid meteor shower.  If you’ve missed out, there’s still time.  Tonight is the last great night for viewing.  For more details on the meteor shower, click here.

  • Great lake day ahead for Saturday

    WEST MICHIGAN- Conditions along the lakeshore should be excellent this weekend.  Last weekend, waves picked up to a couple feet on Saturday, and then were much more dangerous on Sunday.  This Saturday looks to be very enjoyable along the lakeshore. Waves up to a foot are possible this afternoon.  Breezes are pretty gentle as well with water temps in the low to mid 70s. I think we stay dry on the lakeshore, but inland there’s a slight possibility of a […]

  • Saturday kicks off hot, humid and excellent beach weekend

    WEST MICHIGAN- We’re already into the month of August, so that means fall is right around the corner.   I’m not here to end summer early, I’m just here to call attention to the fact that this is going to be an excellent weekend to spend on/in the water, because there aren’t too many of them left. Heat and humidity builds back in for both days this weekend as it stays dry.  The heat index will be in the mid 90s […]

  • Slight chances for rain all week

    WEST MICHIGAN- It’s another one of those weeks where we have several chances for rain in the forecast every single day.  With just about every county in our viewing area in some sort of drought, this is good news, right? Unfortunately, there doesn’t look to be a day that a widespread rain develops.  If we’re going to highlight a better opportunity for showers and thunderstorms, it’s going to be Tuesday into early Wednesday.  The nature of the storms that develop […]

  • Scattered storms this weekend, drought remains

    WEST MICHIGAN- Our dry and crispy lawns have indicated what we’ve already known for days: we need some rain. Our latest drought monitor puts some of us into the abnormally dry category.  We’re just under 3″ of rain in the hole for the summer. I’d like to tell you that the rain in the forecast for this weekend will fix that, but that’s not the case.  Our showers will be so widely scattered that some locations will barely get any […]

  • Less humid, excellent weekend ahead

    WEST MICHIGAN- It’s been so hot and humid here recently, but we’ve finally been treated to a break from the heat AND the humidity! A cold front has brought us some welcome relief for a few days.  Temperatures will start in the 50s the next couple of mornings, and I don’t expect the humidity to climb again until the middle of next week.

  • Hot and humid, isolated 4th of July storms

    WEST MICHIGAN — Happy 4th of July!  Hot and humid conditions are expected for the remainder of your 4th of July holiday.  While it’s possible you’ll see an isolated t-storm this afternoon and evening, most of us are going to stay dry. For your fireworks displays this evening/tonight,expect mostly dry conditions.  It’s possible we’ll see an isolated thunderstorm, but this will only delay your celebrations, not cancel them. Your video forecast outlines this threat and discusses when the humidity will […]

  • Isolated storms, humid holiday ahead

        WEST MICHIGAN- Many of you have taken the 4th of July weekend off prior to the actual holiday.  For everyone that did, you’ve been used to the humidity.  We’ve had a couple of days worth of a break, but I’m expecting more humidity to return as early as Tuesday night. Overnight temperatures return to the 70s as a result, and the actual holiday looks to be more humid.  As heat and humidity build, isolated t-storms will build by […]