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  • Lawmakers hear testimony on Michigan’s religious freedom bill

    LANSING, Mich. — State lawmakers heard from both sides of Michigan’s religious freedom legislation during a judiciary hearing in Lansing Tuesday. The controversial Michigan bill is sponsored by state Senator Mike Shirkey.  Opponents of the bill say it would allow for discrimination against gays and lesbians, but supporters say it’s about offering legal protection to people who want to deny service in circumstances where it would conflict with their religious beliefs. There was no vote on the issue Tuesday.   Gov. […]

  • Fatal stabbing suspect on the loose; butcher knife found near his abandoned SUV

    CASCO TOWNSHIP, Mich. — While investigators continue to search for Monty Menefee, the sole suspect in his mother’s stabbing death, a family in Casco Township  tells FOX 17 that they found a butcher knife near Menefee’s abandoned SUV. Sara Hallgren told FOX 17 News that her father was walking near the woods at the back of their home, located near 111 Avenue and 62nd Street, when he noticed something strange. “My dad found a knife down there,” Hallgren said. He […]

  • West Michigan task force is protecting kids by locking up online predators

    ALLEGAN COUNTY, Mich.– A West Michigan task force created by the FBI is working to protect children from online predators. WEB CHEX, which stands for West Michigan Based Child Exploitation task force, was created by the FBI in Grand Rapids in 2014 through grant money. It’s the team that brought Brian Carrier, 35, into custody on April 9. Investigators said Carrier drove from Indiana to Wayland where he picked up a 12-year-old girl and then took her to a hotel […]

  • Michigan couple prepares for Supreme Court hearing on same-sex marriage

    HAZEL PARK, Mich.– If someone were to ask Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer what their family is like, they would say they are like everyone else. Their home is filled with love that surrounds them in the form of four kids, a dog and a foster baby. “People ask us all the time, ‘are we excited about making history,’ we say, ‘we never thought about it, we never thought we would be here,'” Rowse said. The couple is preparing to head […]

  • West Michigan veterinarian prepares for dog flu outbreak

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.– With a flu outbreak that’s affected more than a thousands dogs in surrounding states, a veterinarian in Grand Rapids is preparing for a potential outbreak here. Lynn Happel with Eastown Veterinary Clinic said this is the largest canine flu outbreak since 2004. “It is very easily transmitted. The actual strain of canine influenza virus that’s in Chicago is different than what was found in 2004 in Florida,” Happel said. “It was H3N3 and this strain in Chicago […]

  • “I heard them take off yesterday going up the alley,” Neighbor reacts to deadly motorcycle crash

    HASTINGS, Mich.– It’s a sound that Allan Taylor has heard countless times while living next door to Zackary Rosenberger in Hastings. He said Rosenberg would fire up his motorcycle on a regular basis. “I see him riding all the time,” Taylor said. Sunday, was no exception. Taylor said Rosenberger and a friend of his pulled the bike out of the garage and went for a ride at about 8 p.m. “They were riding around. I heard them take off yesterday […]

  • Man claims landlord forces him to pay utilities on garage he’s not allowed to use

    DELTON, Mich.– For the past five years, a man from Delton who rents a home said he’s been paying for the utilities for the garage on the property even though he’s not allowed to use it. Curtis Kilbourn said he’s been paying high gas and electric bills that he shouldn’t be solely responsible for. The house he lives in with his family is a rental. While the garage doesn’t come with the rent, he said he’s paying for the heat […]

  • Dozens protest Gordon Food Service after video shows grotesque animal abuse

    CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Roughly 40 protesters gathered outside the Gordon Food Service retail store on 28th Street SE Wednesday afternoon, calling on the business to implement meaningful animal treatment standards for all of their supplies. The group, Mercy for Animals, has been circulating a video that shows animal cruelty inside what they claim is a GFS poultry supplier. “As a civilized society, we have a moral obligation to protect all animals, including chickens, from unnecessary suffering,” said Mikael Nielsen, […]

  • ‘I hope you’re not worried about me’ — Girl, 10, reaches out to supporters while fighting cancer

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — People from all around the world are rallying behind a 10-year-old girl from Grand Rapids who is fighting a rare form of brain cancer. In March, Sammy Bannister, 10, was diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytomo. While countless people started following her family on Facebook and showing their support, Sammy is showing them something as well: That a lot of courage can be packed into a small amount of years. In a video recorded by Sammy’s father, […]

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