What’s UP West Michigan?

I’m an East sider by birth (Warren, Michigan) and a Spartan by blood (Class of 2017)

Number one complaint from my elementary school teachers was that I talked too much to my classmates. Now I get paid to talk to people. Funny how life works out.

Got my start in news in Sioux Falls, South Dakota at KELO TV. Before that I won some awards and stuff for my reporting at MSU. I guess I won three “Emmys” or something but I credit all my accomplishments to the awesome mentors I found in East Lansing.

Fun facts: I have never ran a mile, wrestling is my favorite sport, my middle name is Kay, (Although if you call me Julie Kay I will automatically think I am in big trouble…thanks mom), and I love telling stories.

I’ve been telling them since before I could write them down myself. My mom, Karen, bless her heart, transcribed my earliest works when I was 3. Now I get to share your stories every day. I mean it when I say it’s an honor and privilege to do so. Without you, I wouldn’t be doing the coolest job on earth.

So I’m sorry to all the teachers who had to tell me to quiet down over the years… but I’m so grateful I didn’t. It put me in the position to meet all of you.

Find me everywhere @JulieDunmire

Recent Articles
  • Allegan B&B sign stolen multiple times

    ALLEGAN, Mich. — The owners of an Bed and Breakfast say a thief has targeted their business multiple times. The sign outside of Whisper Ridge Bed and Breakfast has been stolen and damaged at least five times in the last three years, and the owners, Mike and Patricia Huth, are fed up. “It’s expensive to replace these. And it’s very frustrating. It just makes me so angry. There’s no reason someone should be doing something like this,” Patricia Huth said. […]

  • Ken and Laura Render

    Couple rides tandem bike 850 miles on Michigan shoreline tour

    GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — Ken and Laura Render are rounding out a 10-day trip taking them 850 miles along Lake Michigan’s shoreline, all together on a tandem bike. They left on August 5th from Mount Clemens, parking their car in Benton Harbor and taking the tandem bike north along the coast, towing 35 pounds of gear.  They say they’ve loved seeing all the small West Michigan towns along the way, and the challenge has been fun as well. “Just seeing […]

  • Mitten Brewing Company pays off student lunch debts

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Mitten Brewing Company paid off all the student lunch debt for Suttons Bay School District to the tune of $2,700. “Community giving has been a big part of Mitten Brewing here in Grand Rapids since we opened,” co-owner Chris Andrus told FOX 17. Suttons Bay is a ways away from Mitten Brewing’s West Michigan roots. They opened up other locations in Saugatuck and Newport a few years ago, but have committed to giving back to […]

  • Lowell police fighting back against robocalls

    LOWELL, Mich. — It’s a phone call everyone hates getting: robocalls, often attempting to scam people out of their personal or banking information. The numbers are difficult to trace because they’re often “spoofs” of real phone numbers, and many of the people calling are from overseas. But Lowell police are taking matters into their own hands. “I figure if it’s me that’s calling that’s not going to get scammed, that’s three or four less people that could get scammed that […]

  • Community confronts city about police officer who owns KKK item

    MUSKEGON, Mich. — On Tuesday, community members in Muskegon addressed city leaders after a police officer was placed on administrative leave for having a KKK item in his home. The city can’t comment on the issue directly because officer Charles Anderson is under active investigation. That didn’t stop members of the community from speaking their mind at the city commission meeting. Now, the community is demanding for a thorough double-check into officer Anderson’s history with the department. “Check and see […]

  • First GRCC students to receive Metallica scholarship graduate

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids Community College sent more than a dozen people out into the world of work Monday, and it’s all thanks to Metallica. The Metallica Foundation gave $100,000 to 10 colleges across the country for skilled worker scholarships. GRCC was one chosen. For Uniqua Sparks, it’s a fresh start. “We really are going through a lot of struggling at this moment. I’m amazed at the power this has given me,” Sparks said. Sparks is a mom […]

  • Portland kid gives away backpacks

    PORTLAND, Mich. — Joey Williams is doing his best to make sure no kid goes back to school without supplies. “We’re doing a backpack drive,” 11-year-old Joey Williams said. The backpack drive, held at Bogue Flats in Portland , is just the start of Joey’s good deeds. This is actually the second year for the drive Joey thought up completely himself. Last year, they had 115 backpacks to give away. This year, they’re giving away 132. Joey raised most of […]

  • 4th annual ‘pitch night’ awards programs to help curb violence

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Community members got the chance to ask the city for money Thursday night as part of the SAFE program aimed at ending violence in Grand Rapids. People who pitch ideas can win up to $10,000 for their organization. Thursday night’s winners have big plans. “It’s so important for the city to take interest in grass roots movements, because we really have the ability to reduce some of the gun violence if we’re supported in the capacity […]

  • Dorr Township Library could close after millage fails

    DORR, MICH.– On Tuesday, Dorr Township Library asked taxpayers for another millage. Their previous 10 year millage is up, which financed most of the library. The millage failed by around 100 votes. Meaning, at the end of 2020, when the library’s rainy day fund runs out, things could change. “After that, we have to look elsewhere, and hope that someone is willing to donate to us, otherwise we have to cut back and close down,” librarian Lexi Adrianes said. The […]

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