Meteorologist Kevin Craig joined FOX 17 in 2001. He is one of only a few in the state that have earned the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society. Kevin started his broadcast career in 1993 at WCAR radio in Detroit as a board operator and part time news anchor. He continued in radio news as an anchor/reporter for the next three years in northwest Ohio until taking his first television job in Clarksburg, West Virginia. He was a TV news reporter/anchor for about a year when the opportunity came up to fill-in for the weather department. Kevin became the morning weather anchor and science reporter at WIFR-TV in Rockford, Illinois in 1996. He was hired as the morning weather anchor in Madison, Wisconsin in 1998 at WKOW-TV and a private forecasting firm called Weather Central. Kevin started taking classes at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and through Mississippi State University in their broadcast meteorology program. He received his meteorological certification in 2003 with highest honors and is just a few credits short of obtaining a master’s in Geosciences. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV/Film Communications from Wayne State University in Detroit. Kevin functioned as the weekend meteorologist for FOX 17 for almost 15 years. He then moved in to the Midday/4PM/5PM shift in 2015. In March of 2018 he was promoted to the position of Chief Meteorologist! He has filled-in on all shifts, produces graphics, conducts school presentations, and has produced upbeat, fun, and informative personal feature reports in his signature series West Michigan Stories. The series ran for about four years from 2012 to 2016. His weather forecasts on FOX 17 are typically high energy, informative, and educational. Kevin says “if I can’t be excited about giving the forecast, how can I expect people to be excited about watching it?” He was the longest running weekend anchor on any West Michigan station in news, sports, or weather…and is the longest, most tenured TV anchor at FOX 17 having been with the station for more than 17 years. He has reported on everything from Superstorm Sandy, to 20-foot waves on Lake Michigan, tornadoes and severe storms, lightning strikes, blizzards, flooding, ice storms, drought, and a host of other news-related items. Originally from the Detroit area, he loves to spend time at the lake, on the beach, on the boat, and is self taught on both the guitar and piano.
Something you might not know about him? He was responsible for training Ginger Zee as an intern at FOX 17 before she was eventually hired as the main meteorologist for Good Morning America.

Recent Articles
  • Tropical, oppressive, dangerous heat indices arrive this week

    WEST MICHIGAN — It’s hard to not get excited about a heat index that will approach 100 to 105 degrees this week in West Michigan. That combination of temperature and humidity gives us what’s known as the “feels like” temperature…or heat index. Readings that hot don’t happen all the time. While actual air temperatures will make the low/mid 90s, the heat index will be much higher. Climatologically speaking, this week is typically the hottest week (on average) all year in […]

  • Monday is a Clean Air Action Day!

    WEST MICHIGAN — As the headline reads, Monday is indeed a Clean Air Action Day for four counties in West Michigan. If you’re not familiar with it, clean air action days are similar to the old ozone action day. It simply means that the air quality for certain groups like the elderly, very young, and folks with breathing or asthma may find it difficult to be outside. While ozone may be of benefit in the upper levels of the atmosphere […]

  • Canadian wildfires send a milky white smoke and haze to Michigan

    WEST MICHIGAN — A day that should have been filled with sunshine and blue sky was plagued by a milky white smoke and haze. The white tinge/hue to the sky is the result of wildfires that have been burning in Alberta Canada. About 700,000 acres have been reported destroyed by fires with our neighbors to the north. The upper level winds tend to carry that smoke eastward and southward into the Upper Midwest and Michigan. It certainly was noticeable with […]

  • Our next storm chance arrives Wednesday P.M.

    WEST MICHIGAN — We were finally able to wash our atmosphere clean of a lot of the moisture (water vapor) and humidity on Sunday. Temperatures were warm in the 80s, but far less humid than last week. That trend will continue on Monday and Tuesday, then both the heat and humidity will briefly spike on Wednesday as our next weather system arrives. Dew point temperatures are a measure of moisture in the air. Last week they were running in the […]

  • Grand Rapids hits 90 for the first time in more than nine months

    WEST MICHIGAN — Several cities here in West Michigan reached 90 degrees on Monday, some for the first time since fall of 2018. Grand Rapids was one of those cities…reaching 90 on July 1, 2019. The last time we saw 90 or better in Grand Rapids was September 17, 2018. Take a look at the graphic attached to this story. It shows high temperatures across the area and at least a half dozen other cities here on the west side […]

  • Heat index may top low to mid 90s next few days

    WEST MICHIGAN — So you’re one of those folks waiting for summer to arrive? OK…wait no longer. Cities south/west of here (like Chicago) are forecasting a heat index this weekend that may top the triple digits! Here in West Michigan, the combination of air temperature and humidity give us something known as the heat index…or what it feels like on our skin. We are expecting a warm front to lift through the state on Thursday. This front may bring some […]

  • Upper level Omega Block may provide long, dry stretch of weather

    WEST MICHIGAN — There are plenty of us, not the least of which are the farmers, waiting patiently for a long, dry stretch of weather. Just this weekend one farmer located “on the ridge” in Kent County said he was almost a month and a half behind planting soybeans and corn, but they are now in. He’s unsure of how his yield will be at the end of the road. The ground is saturated in many locations and Lake Michigan […]

  • High water levels prompt lakeshore flood advisories

    WEST MICHIGAN — Another round of strong winds coupled with already high water levels on Lake Michigan is prompting more lakeshore flood advisories for those that live along the immediate shoreline. See graphic below. Notice the flood advisories also includes locations along/around Michigan’s thumb area. Strong northwest winds sustained at 20 to 30 mph with some gusts to 40 mph may force water into homes and on roadways at the immediate lakeshore. It may also continue to create beach erosion. […]

  • Lakeshore flooding and beach erosion possible Monday

    WEST MICHIGAN — It doesn’t happen very often, but if you live at the immediate lakeshore, you should know that strong northwest winds at 20 to 30 mph along with very high Lake Michigan water levels may create some flooding. We may also see further beach erosion because of those high water levels and strong winds. In fact, the National Weather Service has issued a LAKESHORE FLOOD ADVISORY for the reasons stated above. Keep in mind, while it appears as […]

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