Meteorologist Kevin Craig joined FOX 17 in 2001. He is one of only a few in the state that have earned the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) seal of approval from the American Meteorological Society. Kevin started his broadcast career in 1993 at WCAR radio in Detroit as a board operator and part time news anchor. He continued in radio news as an anchor/reporter for the next three years in northwest Ohio until taking his first television job in Clarksburg, West Virginia. He was a TV news reporter/anchor for about a year when the opportunity came up to fill-in for the weather department. Kevin became the morning weather anchor and science reporter at WIFR-TV in Rockford, Illinois in 1996. He was hired as the morning weather anchor in Madison, Wisconsin in 1998 at WKOW-TV and a private forecasting firm called Weather Central. Kevin started taking classes at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and through Mississippi State University in their broadcast meteorology program. He received his meteorological certification in 2003 with highest honors and is just a few credits short of obtaining a master’s in Geosciences. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV/Film Communications from Wayne State University in Detroit. Kevin functioned as the weekend meteorologist for FOX 17 for almost 15 years. He then moved in to the Midday/4PM/5PM shift in 2015. In March of 2018 he was promoted to the position of Chief Meteorologist! He has filled-in on all shifts, produces graphics, conducts school presentations, and has produced upbeat, fun, and informative personal feature reports in his signature series West Michigan Stories. The series ran for about four years from 2012 to 2016. His weather forecasts on FOX 17 are typically high energy, informative, and educational. Kevin says “if I can’t be excited about giving the forecast, how can I expect people to be excited about watching it?” He was the longest running weekend anchor on any West Michigan station in news, sports, or weather…and is the longest, most tenured TV anchor at FOX 17 having been with the station for more than 17 years. He has reported on everything from Superstorm Sandy, to 20-foot waves on Lake Michigan, tornadoes and severe storms, lightning strikes, blizzards, flooding, ice storms, drought, and a host of other news-related items. Originally from the Detroit area, he loves to spend time at the lake, on the beach, on the boat, and is self taught on both the guitar and piano.
Something you might not know about him? He was responsible for training Ginger Zee as an intern at FOX 17 before she was eventually hired as the main meteorologist for Good Morning America.

Recent Articles
  • More accumulating snow arrives Thursday for some

    WEST MICHIGAN — While we experienced plenty of sunshine on Wednesday, clouds will thicken and snow showers are likely on Thursday. A moisture-laden storm system over Kentucky and Tennessee will bring a swath of precipitation into the Ohio Valley and Northeast United States. This system has been tracking further north/west with each forecast model run. We expect to see snow develop along the Michigan Indiana stateline in the mid/late morning, and spread northward through the afternoon. We anticipate accumulating snow […]

  • Our coldest night of the season may be upon us overnight

    WEST MICHIGAN— As the headline reads, inland locations across West Michigan may see the coldest night of the season thus far. A few nights ago we dipped to 23 in Grand Rapids, but locations along/east of U.S. 131 have the potential of dipping into the teens come Wednesday morning. Temperatures that cold hinge on the clouds being broken up (variably cloudy) at least to some degree. We should see that occur as the lake effect flurries wind down and the […]

  • Lake effect may create slow Tuesday A.M. conditions on I-196

    WEST MICHIGAN — Going to Chicago via I-196 Tuesday morning? Things may be a bit snarled as lake effect bands of snow overnight and into Tuesday morning will likely slow things down a bit in Allegan, Van Buren, and Berrien Counties. Each one of those counties remains under a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY through 11 A.M. Tuesday morning. We are expecting about 2″ to 4″ of snow to fall in those locations through Tuesday morning. Most other areas pick up a […]

  • Our first snow arrives Friday and Saturday

    WEST MICHIGAN — After forecasting snow for days on Friday and Saturday, the time is almost here. Our first accumulating snow will develop Friday morning and continue for some of us into midday Saturday. There are three components with this system. Here they are: 1. A developing low pressure area coming out of the Plains will generate about 1″ to 2″ of snow area-wide on Friday. Not much right? And in fact, there will likely be some breaks in the […]

  • Election Day weather features falling temps, rain and wind

    WEST MICHIGAN — It would be great to have warm temperatures, sunshine, and dry conditions for Election Day, but that won’t be the case this year. In a month where anything can occur in Michigan, at least there will not be freezing temperatures and snow. Instead, a strong low pressure system lifting through the Great Lakes will deliver rain showers overnight into Tuesday morning. Then the winds will ramp up behind this system by mid/late morning and stay strong all […]

  • No tricks for Halloween…only a treat weatherwise

    WEST MICHIGAN — I can remember years ago when I would wake on Halloween morning as a youngster hoping the day would fly-by in school so that we could hits the streets in the evening and snag tons of candy and treats! Many times (it seems) I also recall cold, windy, wet trick-or-treating nights…some even filled with sleet or snowflakes. This year for West Michigan, not so. While we will likely have clouds around most of the morning, and perhaps […]

  • Mainly a dry, quiet week weatherwise

    WEST MICHIGAN — The past couple of weeks in West Michigan have been wet, cool, and generally active weatherwise. This time, the next several days look mainly dry, quiet, but still on the cool side. Many of the farmers “on the ridge” in Kent County have said turn off the rain. It’s harvesting time for some and they’ve simply had enough rain. In fact, our next rain chance (widespread for everyone) doesn’t arrive Friday or Saturday. Normal highs for this […]

  • Below normal temps stay in place this week

    WEST MICHIGAN — Normal highs for West Michigan this time of year have us in the lower 60s. High temperatures the next several days will be primarily only in the 40s and 50s. Sunset this week is also occurring at and before 7 P.M, so it’s really starting to get dark quickly in the evening hours. We’ll also see the possibility of more frost and perhaps freezing temperatures as we head through the next few days (in the overnight/morning hours). […]

  • West Michigan’s first frost could come later this week

    WEST MICHIGAN — As the rule of thumb goes for West Michigan, our first frost generally occurs between October 1 and the 10th. This season, we may not be far off at all. Many of us can hardly wait for a widespread, hard frost to kill off all/most of the mosquitos, but the apple season is still going strong. I’m told by growers on “the ridge” it’s another year of a bumper crop! That said, this week will be a […]