Anyone who knows me knows that I love sports and food, the color green, traveling, Chicago-style hotdogs, the Golden Girls and all different kinds of cheeses. (Nothing tops a robust parmesan.) But one of the things I love most is people. I love people! Short, tall, rich, poor, bald, Rapunzel. It doesn’t matter. Meeting new people and getting to know the storyline of their lives is one of my life’s greatest thrills. And the fact that I get to share their stories wth FOX 17 viewers — whether triumphant or challenging — is an honor.

I could’ve told you the basics about me: graduated with journalism degrees from Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champagne and Boston University, did my dissertation on race and English football while living in London and worked for New England Sports Network for many years. But that’s all blah, blah, blah.

Bottom line, I like people. And hopefully one day I can meet you.

Recent Articles
  • Battle Creek police hosting series of meetings to reduce city’s violence

    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — The Battle Creek Police Department will be hosting a series of meetings to let residents know the important role they play in solving crimes, said Chief Jim Blocker. “It’s our opportunity with the community, the pastor’s community, as well as the police to all sit down and talk about some of the violent crime,” he said in an interview. “Importantly, how is it a requirement the community is involved.” Tonight’s meeting was the first of three […]

  • MSP looking for suspects behind rash of break-ins into Delton businesses

    DELTON, Mich. — Dianna France got a text at 2:30 a.m. Monday that got her quickly out of bed, she said. She went straight to Short Stop convenience store, where she works, and saw three sheriff patrol cars in the front parking lot. “[They] told me I couldn’t go in yet because they hadn’t cleared the building,” she said during an interview near the store. “It must’ve just happened.” France said the store had been broken into either Sunday night […]

  • Local charities provide free groceries to 200 low-income families in St. Joseph County

    ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Mich. — Life’s been hard for Georgina Boyse lately, she said. Due to a few health concerns, she hasn’t been working. So with no income, money has been tight for her and her grandchildren, who were recently placed in her care due to an emergency situation. However Friday she was able to go grocery shopping and she was thrilled. “This is helping me out in a great time of need,” Boyse said during an interview while shopping. […]

  • Homeless man charged with murder in death of another homeless man

    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — A homeless man in Battle Creek was arraigned Thursday afternoon at the Calhoun County courts in the death of another homeless man. Police said they got into a scuffle before the man was arrested. “Was his intent to kill him or was his intent to assault him over whatever it was they were arguing about,” said D/Sgt. Todd Elliott during at press conference at headquarters. “It appears that it was just a fight that went way […]

  • KZoo police hope arresting “top” drug dealer will halt the spike in heroin ODs

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Kalamazoo police have recently identified 23-year-old Kevin Jones as one of the “top” drug dealers in the area, said Capt. Brad Misner. They’ve been tracking his move for weeks. “We have been watching this guy for a while and making some undercover buys from him,” Capt. Misner said during an interview at Public Safety Headquarters. “We understood that he was kind of like the dealer in the area.” Tuesday they arrested him during a buy bust on […]

  • Portage teen perseveres through injuries to make it to Division 1 softball team

    PORTAGE, Mich. — For Josie Muffley baseball just wasn’t for the boys, she said. It was for the girls too. Standing on the South Portage Little League fields brought back great memories. “My mom brought me to baseball fields,” she said during an interview. “Kinda that’s where like my journey started was with baseball and just hanging around the guys.” Josie played with boys for at least eight years, she said, which helped her become more a determined player on […]

  • Growlers surging in 2018; front office says it’s “best team we’ve ever had”

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. — The Kalamazoo Growlers may have fallen short to the Green Bay Bullfrogs 9-6 Saturday night but according to the front office, this is one of the best teams they’ve had in years. “It’s exciting,” said head coach Cody Piechocki. “That’s what we’ve been trying to build this team to be over the last five years when we first envisioned bringing a team to Kalamazoo.” The season began in late May and have since won 24 games and […]

  • Town of Colon hosting “Love for Landon” benefit to support toddler battling cancer

    COLON, Mich. — When Keeley Boal took her 2-year-old son Landon to the hospital a few months ago, she knew something was “off” she said. He was born with Down Syndrome and was a happy-go-lucky kid, always running around. However, one day he stopped walking. “We had been in and out of the hospital, in and out of his pediatrician’s office and everyone was kind of like it’s a viral infection,” she said via Facebook video chat, holding  Landon on […]

  • Kzoo man says “horrific experience” when home was hit by gunfire

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Bennie Gill considers himself to be fortunate, he said. He was lying on his couch around 5 a.m.  when gunfire broke out in front of his home on Summitt and Douglas Avenues. “Momentarily I thought it was firecrackers,” Gill said during an interview on his front porch. “But, you know, instantly I knew they were bullets.” He remembered hearing the gunshots getting louder and louder. Then, suddenly, a bullet went through his window. “There was a big […]