Anyone who knows me knows that I love sports and food, the color green, traveling, Chicago-style hotdogs, the Golden Girls and all different kinds of cheeses. (Nothing tops a robust parmesan.) But one of the things I love most is people. I love people! Short, tall, rich, poor, bald, Rapunzel. It doesn’t matter. Meeting new people and getting to know the storyline of their lives is one of my life’s greatest thrills. And the fact that I get to share their stories wth FOX 17 viewers — whether triumphant or challenging — is an honor.

I could’ve told you the basics about me: graduated with journalism degrees from Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champagne and Boston University, did my dissertation on race and English football while living in London and worked for New England Sports Network for many years. But that’s all blah, blah, blah.

Bottom line, I like people. And hopefully one day I can meet you.

Recent Articles
  • Official: Waves at South Haven North Beach are ‘deadly’

    SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. — Beth and Terry Brumett have been coming to South Haven for vacations for over 35 years. They enjoy swimming and Lake Michigan. However on Monday, they enjoyed the lake from the beach. They said the waves were too high to get into. “It’s Mother Nature,” Terry said. “It’s listening to it. It’s hearing. It’s seeing it. It’s real.” Ron Wise, executive director of the South Haven Area Emergency Services, said the waves at North Beach on […]

  • Family saddened daughter’s memorial was damaged, mom says ‘this is where she took her last breath’

    FREDONIA TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Joey Houle said she will never forget the morning of Jan. 29, 2015. She was working at Checkers when she saw a state police car and sheriff’s deputy vehicle pull into the driveway. Immediately, she felt dread. “My boss asked me what was wrong and I said ‘I’ve gotta go,’” Houle recalled. “My husband had walked to the door with the sheriff’s department and the police department and they told me that there was a bad […]

  • Eagle Lake residents receive good news that the floods are finally receding

    TEXAS TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Dozens of Eagle Lake and Crooked Lake residents filled the upstairs council room at the Township Hall for their usual flood task force meeting. They’ve been meeting together for months discussing the ongoing flooding problems  and solutions at both lakes and elsewhere in the county. However, Thursday morning they received some good news. “The message today is the water is going down so that’s to be celebrated,” said Township supervisor John Hinkle during an interview with […]

  • Detectives in Calhoun County investigating fatal fire in Pennfield Township

    PENNFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Detectives  in Calhoun County are investigating a house fire that left one man dead Wednesday morning. “About 7 this morning I come out, take the wife to work (and) I just seen black smoke pouring out of his house,” neighbor Billy Mexico recalled. “Fire department pulling up.” Pennfield Township Fire Chief Tim Smith said firefighters arrived to the house on Montford Street, near Capitol Avenue, just before 7 a.m. When they entered the single-family home they […]

  • Kzoo Co. Commissioner remembers friend, activist for her resiliency

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. — When Stephanie Moore said the name “Shequita Lewis” she immediately smiled. Lewis was a good friend and a “dedicated volunteer.” She was president of her local Parent Teacher Organization and was appointed by the former Kalamazoo Public Schools superintendent to the Parent Advisory Council. “She ran for county commission a year ago (and) lost by less than 100 votes,” Moore said during an interview with FOX 17. “She didn’t stop there. She kept right on going.” A […]

  • Kzoo church putting flowers in cage to protest children being detained at border

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. — When Rev. Nathan Dannison learned that children were being locked in cages at the southern border, it made him “sick to his stomach” he said. “I know that these kids are not allowed to hug each other,” said Dannison, who’s the senior pastor at the First Congregational Church and a father of two small children. “They have been away from their parents for weeks.” When his congregation learned about the conditions and the alleged abuses going on […]

  • West Michigan dive teams have fun participating in training event in Kzoo River

    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — In Van Buren County, there aren’t many bodies of water that move as quickly as the Kalamazoo River said deputy Trever Tate. The county’s dive team has retrieved property from under bridges and smaller rivers. But nothing’s ever come close to the Kalamazoo River. “This specifically, learning to dive in the stronger currents of the river, working with other agencies, getting to know guys on other dive teams is very important for working together,” Deputy Tate […]

  • Mother-son duo collect thousands of action figures, dolls

    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — A mother-son duo has collected thousands of action figures and dolls. Together, they have converted their basement into an area to display and store all the items. Linda Holderbaum began collecting dolls during the 1960s. Over the decades, she has catalogued and photographed each doll brought into the collection. Each one also has an ID card. “It just ebbed and flowed over the years,” said Linda Holderbaum. “It’s just great fun, and I enjoy it a […]

  • Softball Player of the Year credits her brother for being the secret to her success

    RICHLAND, Mich. — Of all the positions to play in softball, pitching is what Lauren Esman  loves the most, she said. She’s been playing the sport since she was kid. However when she tried pitching in high school at Gull Lake as a freshman, she grew nervous. “There were pitchers ahead of me,” Lauren said.  “But I kind of found my place. I played a little outfield freshman year which was really cool.” During her sophomore year, Lauren improved a […]

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