Live – Sentate Debate in Detroit

Anyone who knows me knows that I love sports and food, the color green, traveling, Chicago-style hotdogs, the Golden Girls and all different kinds of cheeses. (Nothing tops a robust parmesan.) But one of the things I love most is people. I love people! Short, tall, rich, poor, bald, Rapunzel. It doesn’t matter. Meeting new people and getting to know the storyline of their lives is one of my life’s greatest thrills. And the fact that I get to share their stories wth FOX 17 viewers — whether triumphant or challenging — is an honor.

I could’ve told you the basics about me: graduated with journalism degrees from Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champagne and Boston University, did my dissertation on race and English football while living in London and worked for New England Sports Network for many years. But that’s all blah, blah, blah.

Bottom line, I like people. And hopefully one day I can meet you.

Recent Articles
  • Otsego resident says defunct paper mill may be cause to city’s health problems

    OTSEGO, Mich. — When Allegan County health officials announced weeks ago that over 16 private wells in the area tested positive for low levels of the cancerous contaminant dioxin, Donna Wisnaski said she “freaked out.” “There’s always the joke ‘well it must be in the water,’” Wisnaski said in an interview. “But it wasn’t a joke. Now we know it wasn’t a joke.” Wisnaski was born and raised in Otsego, she said. She never suspected anything was wrong with the […]

  • Michigan State Police say more arrests may come in child porn ring case

    COLDWATER, Mich. — Michigan State Police continue to investigate a child pornography ring that led them to making two more arrests recently. It was a detained suspect’s mobile phone and social media account that led them to two women in Kalamazoo County: Rachel Burrell and Amaris Wyman. “I started [looking] into a couple more phone numbers and other online chat accounts came up with Rachel Burrell’s name who is an [ex-girlfriend] of [Matthew] Toole’s and they have a child in […]

  • Battle Creek organization hoping to bring jobs to area by building city’s defense sector

    BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — When Battle Creek Unlimited was awarded a $150,000 grant a few weeks ago, president and CEO Joe Sobieralski said the organization knew exactly what to do with it: make a drone activity hub. “$100,000 of the grant dollars are going to be utilized to position Battle Creek to take advantage of the growing drone industry,” Sobieralski said in an interview on Monday. “We feel that Battle Creek has a lot of the assets needed not only […]

  • Kalamazoo County residents and local leaders tell EPA to fix PFAs issue now

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Tammy Cooper was one of the few Kalamazoo County residents invited to the EPA’s roundtable discussion Friday afternoon. She told the Environmental Protection Agency that Parchment, where she lives, has had one town hall meeting about the PFAs issue since it was discovered in their water system in late July. “There was a comment by a member of the DEQ, I believe a toxicologist, and I’m sure it was unfortunate wording but he talked about a health […]

  • Parish using Lockhart tragedy to train other churches on domestic violence awareness

    KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Fr. Mike Hazard remembers Christopher Lockhart and his wife Theresa to be “beautiful people” he said. In the early years of their marriage, they were regulars at his parish St. Joseph Catholic Church on Lake Street. However as time passed, Theresa began coming to mass alone. “Most of us knew nothing of their family life at home,” Fr. Hazard said during an interview at the church. “Some of us knew that they had had difficulties but we […]

  • Mattawan girl battling rare genetic disorder is a ‘beam of sunshine’

    MATTAWAN, Mich. — The moment Kelly Berthoud said that her three-year-old daughter Marlene was the happiest person she’d ever met, the little girl smiled. “She is just this bright beam of sunshine all the time,” Kelly said while holding Marlene in her lap. “She does have bad days and sometimes bad nights. But for the most part if you meet her basic needs she’s going to be happy.” Marlene’s needs include a lot of physical and occupational therapy these days, […]

  • Crooked Lake residents “getting panicky” over ongoing water issues

    DELTON, Mich. — Deb Englehardt said she and other residents on Crooked Lake are starting to panic. The water level has continued to rise. It’s gotten so high that it’s now six feet from her house after once being yards away. She fears that by the time winter arrives, it could reach her doorstep. “I don’t want a house boat,” she told a group of eight people at the Local Grind coffee shop. “If I wanted a house boat I […]

  • Wayland mother ‘disgusted’ with video of students using racial slurs, wearing dark face paint

    WAYLAND, Mich. — As soon as Melissa Barber saw the video of a few Wayland High School students wearing dark face paint and using racial slurs, she was shocked. “The video was disgusting,” Barber said in an interview with FOX 17. “It saddens me as a mother for my children to have to see that video.” Barber has children at the high school who are mixed-raced: Caucasian and African American. She said her son saw the video over the weekend […]

  • Suspects in Branch County charged with conspiracy to kidnap, kill child

    BRANCH COUNTY, Mich. — The two other suspects accused of plotting to kidnap, sexually assault and kill a small child were arraigned Tuesday afternoon. Judge Brent R. Weigle officially charged both Matthew Toole and Talia Furman with conspiracy to commit 1st degree criminal sexual conduct , conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Judge Weigle said the affidavit alleges that back in July the  suspects plotted to kidnap a child from a local county fair. “It […]