Nicole DiDonato is the weekday morning reporter for FOX 17 Morning News.
Not being a fan of sleep, she feels no other shift fits her lifestyle better and actually enjoys waking up in the middle of the night; she gets to see some of the most gorgeous sunrises!
She loves the early shift because it is unique; you hit the ground running as soon as you walk in the door.
Plus, it allows Nicole to interact with viewers more as she delivers up to eight live reports during the four-hour morning show!

Nicole grew up in Metro Detroit and has been in the business for a decade, beginning as a writer at WXYZ in Detroit, before making stops in Alpena and Evansville, Indiana.

Nicole enjoys weight lifting and competes in bodybuilding competitions.
Besides sleep, Nicole also hates staying indoors.
When she’s not working or at the gym, you’ll find her enjoying West Michigan’s coast line during the summer.

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