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  • Armed bystander shoots, kills gunman in Walmart parking lot

    TUMWATER, Wash. – A shooting outside a Washington state Walmart Sunday evening was the end result of a crime spree from the now deceased gunman, police said. That gunman was killed by an armed civilian in the Walmart parking lot. Tumwater Police spokeswoman Laura Wohl said it all happened just after 5:30 p.m. when officers responded to an erratic driver. When officers were en route to that location they received reports of shots fired near Tumwater High School. Upon arriving, officers found […]

  • Clarinetist discovers his ex-girlfriend faked a rejection letter from his dream school

    In 2014, an extremely promising young clarinetist in Canada beat dozens of other applicants to become one of two people awarded a full scholarship to complete a degree at Colburn Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles under highly esteemed teacher Yehuda Gilad. But Eric Abramovitz never saw the acceptance email because then-girlfriend Jennifer Lee, a fellow music student, was spying on his account and saw it first, a court heard this week. According to Abramovitz’s lawsuit, Lee, fearing she would […]

  • Rabid bobcat attacks grandmother, who throttles it to death

    HART COUNTY, Ga. — It’s not every day that a grandmother kills a rabid bobcat with her bare hands. DeDe Phillips walked out to her front yard in Hart County around dinnertime intending to take a picture of a new bumper sticker on her truck, reports the Athens Banner-Herald and the Hartwell Sun. But her plans changed when she spied a bobcat. She took a picture of the cat, and then it “took two steps and was on top of me. … It […]

  • Wicked winds send port-a-potties flying high into sky

    COMMERCE CITY, Colo. – Fierce winds kicked up at a park in Commerce City, Colorado and sent several port-a-potties flying into the air. No one was inside when the port-a-potties went airborne. One of them flew into a van. Gabriel Flores posted a video of the event on Monday and it has since been viewed more than 1.3 million times. Several people could be seen in the video hunkering down until the wind subsided.  

  • Candidate sprays himself in face with pepper spray for campaign ad

    DENVER – There are plenty of videos on YouTube of people spraying themselves in the face with pepper spray — but most of them aren’t congressional campaign ads. Levi Tillemann, a Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 6th congressional district, on Denver’s east side, did just that, according to KCNC-TV. Tillemann’s video has had hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube that he hopes translate into votes. “Trust me. This will stop anyone in their tracks,” Tillemann says just before he sprays a canister of […]

  • Jellyfish sting more than 1,000 people in Florida over 4-day period

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – It’s a moon jellyfish free-for-all on central Florida beaches. An unusually large swarm of jellyfish have stung an estimated 1,200 beach-goers over four days in Volusia County. Jellyfish are not unusual in the area. Winds and currents push them ashore once or twice a year, Volusia County spokeswoman Captain Tamra Malphurs says. But the volume is unusual. Tonya Kronk of Daytona Beach was among the unlucky. She took her body board out past a sandbar, and […]

  • Plant that causes third-degree burns, blindness found in Virginia

    RICHMOND, Va. — Giant Hogweed, an invasive plant that can cause third-degree burns and permanent blindness, has been found in Virginia, according to researchers at the Massey Herbarium at Virginia Tech. So far, there has been just one confirmed sighting of Giant Hogweed — in Clarke County, Virginia, but the dangerous plant also grows in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, according to CBS. Experts are currently investigating potential sightings in other parts […]

  • Teen catches 400-pound marlin at North Carolina fishing competition

    MOREHEAD CITY, N.C. – A teenager reeled in a 400-pound blue marlin at a North Carolina fishing competition Wednesday. WNCT reported that 16-year-old E.J. Nettles caught the massive fish at the 60th annual Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament in Morehead City. The marlin barely made the cut because the minimum eligibility for a big blue is 400 pounds, according to WNCT. “I was expecting a crazy lot going into this tournament,” Nettles said. “Being able to bring fish back especially […]

  • Soccer dad accused of punching 14-year-old in the face at Virginia tournament

    CHESTER, Va. — A 14-year-old boy is recovering after he was assaulted by the father of an opponent during a large soccer tournament in Virginia Beach, according to the victim’s family. The Vickerie family, from Chester, traveled to the Oceanfront to watch their son, Timothy, play in the North American Sand Soccer Championship (NASSC) last weekend. The tournament draws more than 10,000 players and hundreds of teams to the area. “It’s a fun weekend and something we look forward to. It’s […]