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  • Winter sports lovers can still go down Alpine Slide

    THOMPSONVILLE, Mich. – After a less than snowy winter, many winter sports enthusiasts are still itching to hit the slopes. But at Crystal Mountain, they don’t need snow to send visitors down a Black Diamond run. “It’s called the Crystal Coaster Alpine Slide,” explains Brian Lawson, Director of Public Relations at Crystal Mountain, “It’s the only one in Michigan.” Crystal Mountain is still prepping the hill for opening day which is Memorial Day weekend, but they gave FOX 17 an […]

  • Youth volunteers keep Critter Barn running

    ZEELAND, Mich. — The Critter Barn in Zeeland lets kids get up close and personal with farm animals, but the crew who makes it possible is smaller than you’d think. “The Critter Barn got started about 33 years ago,” explains owner Mary Rottschafer. “We moved here to live out in the country and have a bigger garden. Move the clock ahead 27 years and we have a lot of folks coming out here to learn about farming and about the animals.” […]

  • Battle for the blossoms: Michigan farmers facing freezing temps

    CASNOVIA, Mich. — The bloom in West Michigan means beautiful orchards covered with white flowers, but for farmers those blooms signal the beginning of work and worry season. “Bloom time is certainly an active, busy time on the farm,” explains cherry and apple farmer Adam Dietrich. “It’s beautiful of course, though.” While the blossom covered orchards are “Pure Michigan” in a picture, Dietrich says he would also rather see something else. “When you see a solid red canopy because of […]

  • Grand Haven teen headed to US Pony Finals

    GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — In the horse world, the US Pony Finals is one of the most prestigious and celebrated competitions. This year, West Michigan has its very own qualifier to cheer for, 14-year-old lakeshore middler schooler, Lilly Anthes. “There’s a lot of riders that come out and just want the ribbons,” Anthes’ trainer Kimberlee Beeson says, “Lilly’s the type of girl, she’ll come out and spend 8 hours at the farm. She will clean stalls, she’ll bathe other horses, she’ll […]

  • Grand Rapids mother-daughter team making safe, organic skin care products

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A mother- daughter team in Grand Rapids is changing the way people think about their cosmetics. Together they founded their own line called Keeki Pure & Simple. Natalie and Kiana “Keeki” Bauss were living on a farm, raising chickens and growing vegetables when Natalie realized their lifestyle didn’t match their practices. “Here we are on our farm, raising our 26 alpacas and our 75 chickens. Keeki was going out to the chicken coop to collect the eggs […]

  • Mushroom fever in West Michigan

    WEST MICHIGAN — A fever sweeps through every year about this time…mushroom fever. Once the snow melts and Spring arrives, so do the morel mushrooms. Seasoned mushroom hunter Nicole Mathiasz tells FOX 17, “If you see big oaks or big elms, dying elms, ash trees, that’s always the best way to start. And then you hone in underneath of them.” When you find the right area, watch your step! Tasty morel mushrooms could be underneath and apparently they’re good in […]

  • Teacher blends classwork and farming in Holland

    HOLLAND, Mich. — Students in Ottawa County are getting the chance to raise pigs and grow vegetables, and their program just earned a big award. Careerline Tech’s Tony McCaul was named the “Educator of the Year” by the Michigan Farm Bureau for excellence in agriculture education. A farm kid from Lake Odessa, Tony McCaul says he wasn’t sure if farming was for him. “I grew up on a farm. Everyday I milked cows and took care of pigs. I knew […]

  • Wyoming recycling company going for World Record

    WYOMING, Mich. — More than 190 countries around the globe are preparing to celebrate our planet this Saturday with Earth Day. In West Michigan, one group isn’t just looking to celebrate, they’re going for a World Record. Advanced Technology Recycling in Wyoming is going for two Guinness World Records attempts on Saturday. “We currently hold one Guinness World Record, we’re attempting to break that one and two additional ones,” Brodie Ehresman, ATR National Business Development Manager tells FOX 17. “It’s […]

  • Spring Lake middle schooler holds 20 state titles in speed skating

    MUSKEGON, Mich. — Winter sports go year round in Michigan with full time hockey leagues and figure skating so it’s no surprise that a middle schooler has set state records…except that she’s doing it in speed skating. 12-year-old Catherine Vandergriff started out amongst the millions in figure skating, but thanks to the influence of her older brother her ice career took two left turns for the better. “I got drug along to my brother’s practices and I kind of wanted to […]

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