Girl Helps Victims of Super Storm Sandy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CONKLIN, Mich. –  The devastation of Super Storm Sandy has touched at least one family in West Michigan.  After seeing others struggle in Sandy’s aftermath, Madison Carpenter, a  seveth-grader from Conklin, and her family have decided to pay it forward.

Not only did they collect donations but they plan to drive the goods to New Jersey themselves.

On Friday the family will be driving three vehicles packed to the brim with donations 750 miles from Conklin, Michigan to Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Over the past two weeks, Madison has been busy asking her classmates and friends to donate anything then can to help those affected by the storm.

It was a mission that filled her grandmother with tears of pride.

“Kids now-a-days can be selfish,” said Sue Coddington, Madison’s Grandmother.  “Madison is not.  She is a good kid.  She’s got a big heart.”

The shy seventh-grader said she just has a passion for helping others, “I don’t know, I like too and it feels good to know that you are helping.”

That was the case as she watched news reports highlighting the need for people affected by the storm.  She was also touched by the work being done by organizations like the American Red Cross.

“I watched a lot of the news and they’ve been to a lot of places and helped a lot of places and I like helping people,” said Madison.

Her family says they are constantly inspired by the actions of Madison.

Madison said she hopes to work for the Red Cross herself one day, but she also has ambition to be a teacher.  In the time being she says she will continue to look for ways to pay it forward.

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