Golf Courses Cashing in on Warm December Weekend

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Folks at the Boulder Creek Golf Course say they`ll have plenty of customers digging into their golf bags this weekend because of the weather. It’s an additional Christmas bonus for businesses across the West Michigan area.

“I`m getting a lot of phone calls,” says Steve Gilbert, Assistant Golf Professional at Boulder Creek Golf Course in Plainfield Township.

The flags are still on the greens, beckoning golfers during a time when business often freezes up. “When it gets nice like this it`s great, you don`t expect to have this in December so, we`re looking for a nice weekend and get lots of golfers out here,” says Gilbert.

The weekend temps are bringing a pleasant economic forecast along with them. “It`s nice to have that income because when there is snow on the ground, the golf course isn`t open, and you just don`t have that income for those winter months,” says Gilbert,

“This time of year, anything counts. We`re getting ready to get busy for the Christmas season and we want the golf course still to go as long as we possible can,” says Randy Jensen, Food and Beverage Manager at Boulder Creek.

The course could cash in on yet another mild Michigan winter. Last year was so nice, Gilbert says they’ve had golfers on the course every month since March of 2011.  “The day after Thanksgiving 2011, I think we had 120 golfers. The day after Christmas last year we had 60 golfers,” says Gilbert. “For the most part we try to stay open as long as we can.”

While the courses are making some extra income this December, Michigan Golfers are earning some extra bragging rights along with it.
“It`s not very often  you get to golf in December and I think that`s the lure of a lot of it, people like to come out and they can play golf and they can say we golfed on the second of December, the third of December,” says Gilbert.

Gilbert says they`ve already had 40 people call in and reserve a tee time for Saturday alone.

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