Thousands of West Michigan Families In Need This Holiday Season

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

 Alleigh Palmer is just three months old – and just three weeks away from her first Christmas.

But this fall has been rough for the Palmer family.

“Crazy,” Lexy Palmer says. “Overwhelming. Depressing.”

“So tough,” Chris Palmer says. “Especially since they don’t deserve it.”

“They” are the Palmers’ three children: Raileigh, 3, Christian, 23 months, and Alleigh, three months. Two weeks after Alleigh was born, Chris and Lexy had to move out of their apartment in Galesburg. Their lease said five people was too many to live in their two-bedroom unit.

For six weeks, the family was split up. Chris, Lexy, and Alleigh went to live with Lexy’s mother.

Raileigh and Christian stayed with family friends.

The separation wasn’t easy.

“I cried,” Chris says.

“A lot,” Lexy adds.

Now the family is living in a once-abandoned trailer in Galesburg. It’s taken a lot of money just to make it livable.

“We had to borrow some money from some people, then pay them back,” Lexy says. “And then every last thing – penny – we had was going into paint, trim, the bathtub…the paneling to fix the wall in our bedroom.”

Lexy says it’s been tough on the kids.

“It’s stressful on them,” she says. “You can tell. That’s why I wanna give them a good Christmas.”

The Palmers are just one of thousands of families in West Michigan struggling this holiday season – and the number of families in need is growing.

“We’re a little concerned about that,” Salvation Army Major Sherrie Welch says,  “because we want to make sure we have plenty of toys to provide for the children, food to give to the families, but the need continues to increase.”

So families like the Palmers come into the Christmas season unsure of how happy the holidays will really be.

“At this rate, I’m not gonna be able to give them any kind of Christmas,” Chris says.

“I can’t buy any presents,” Lexy adds. “I don’t have any extra money.”

“We just need gifts for the kids, she says. “Clothes, stuff for them.”

“I’m not real worried about me. I’m just worried about them having a Christmas.”

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    • Lexy

      Gee thanks for the rude ass comment. We can afford the kids. && we do everything for them. They’re not the problem. It was an unfortunate circumstance that got us in a tough rut. Has nothing to do with having too many kids. And don’t worry I won’t be having anymore. After years and years of failed birth control my husband will be getting a vasectomy so we don’t have anymore surprises. But I love all 3 of my beautiful blessings and the 4 I lost in the process.

    • Travis

      you dont have to be rude…i have a good paying job and i am having problems making it so shut the hell up and grow up and get over your self.

    • Randy

      You must be a spoiled high school kid. I sure hope you never run into problems. Then again, maybe you need some hardships to soften that poor attitude of yours.

    • Travis

      it is really hard i know i have 2 kids and a wife and we have lost everthing but there is always light at the end of the tunnel..keep your head up

    • Nanette Post

      God bless you Lexy, I know how it is to be without. I am without my GrandKids this christmas and my two kids, my 6 year fieonce wont even talk to me, So I will be spending Christmas alone this year as I did Thanksgiving.

    • lora

      LexyI don't know where you are located but my parents do a charity in Muskegon and they provide pj's and slippers and blankets to children in need you should contact them. It's called Share a little Warmth from the Heart and they work side by side with Love inc. Please let me know if you would like more info and I would be happy to provide you with it

    • Jason

      Dustin, as a friend, I have seen the transformation in this family. They have been through a lot in the few years, but they have come out stronger than any I know. I wonder what kind of job you have. Do you even have a job? Are you married? Have kids? Doubt it by the way you come across.

      • april reynolds

        Quite rude comments to the people that were lucky enough to have their story told. You aren’t going to get help talking like that.

  • mellissa

    Stop being so judgemental when you’re only getting half the story obviously. Chris and Lexy are friend’s of mine, and they work their asses off for what they “DO HAVE”. They have never asked for a handout… that’s not why this was even aired to begin with!! Asking for clothing so a child isn’t cold or a few toys to eliminate stress and bring joy to their lives, isn’t like asking for someone to pay their way in life. Fact: Lexy WORKED till just a few weeks prior to Allie being born. Another fact: they got screwed out of their living situation because they had another child (which I believe is actually againstthe law). One more fact: when they were FORCED to leave their home, some piece of shit STOLE THEIR BELONGINGS… THIS INCLUDING THEIR KID’S CLOTHING!!!! SO… whoever the smartass was that posted “stop having kids, dummies” you need to seriously shut the fuck up about things when you only know a small portion of their situation. That’s what’s so wrong with this country. It’s much easier to judge and bash someone, rather than offering a lending hand. You ought to be fkng ashamed of yourself, you ignorant asshole!!

  • anonymous

    That is so sad that someone could have the nerve and say rude things to a mother let alone a family that is in need. You should be ashamed of your self whoever you are! Havent you ever heard of Don’t judge a book by its cover? Sometimes people need a helping hand, its not like they are asking people to pay their bills or help them out financially; its for their children, helpless little kids that didn’t ask to be put in this situation! Have a heart! You know God dont like ugly!

  • Emily

    My prayers go out to you and your family Chris and Lexy. Ignore the people who have nothing nice to say. Screw them! I'm a single mom and unemployed for medical reasons and I understand how hard it is during Christmas. Stay positive! It'll all work out :)

  • andrea

    Man, some people have absolutely NO HEART!!! What ever happened to having compassion?? I know exactly how this family feels.. except I'm a single mom w/3 kids and just lost my job about a month ago. I have ZERO money for Christmas and I really don't know how I'm going to pull it off this year. And it sucks BC my kids are 9,7&2, and the older two keep telling me all these things they wish they could have, and i don't have the heart to tell them that I'm not sure if Santa's coming… Good luck to your family Le I, I'm sure you guys will be fine. :-) hope u have a great Xmas and God bless your family!! :-)

  • Amber

    Wow, a lot of RUDE people out there. Not EVERY family has it made. I myself along with my husband and 2 kids are struggling as well. I haven't been able to find a job…Christmas is coming and fast. My kids are 5, 6 months. Luckily the 6 month old knows not a thing about X-mas so he doesn't need anything really, well except clothes, but my 5 yr old…yea I don't know what were gonna do either. Know that as much as it stinks you are not alone! I wish I was a millionaire because then I would be helping tons of families! As tough as it, you have each other. I hope something good happens to you guys soon! I'm sorry for what your going through! God bless you and your family!

  • Erica

    for Dustin you need to not be a ass I have a family and we have been through a lot not counting my my little girl getting bowled at 6 yrs old from some hill billes , so for you to go tell some to STOP haveing kids you must fuck your self , cause my kids are all 4 and 5 yrs apart and things can be there one min and be gone another and that mean tomorrow may not be and wont be the same so you may have everything you need and in a blink its gone so dont say thing that arent nice cause just because you may not have KIDS OR A WIFE CAUSE I WOULD HOPE YOU WOULD NOT SAY that to your WIFE OR LIKE anyone to say that to HER IF anything HAPPING TO YOUR FAMILY OOOO IF YOU HAD ONE…. OOOO AND I CANT GET STUFF THIS YEAR AS WELL SO THERE ARE MORE FAMILY THEN JUST THIS ONE SO WHAT YOU MAY BE ONE OF THEM DUMMIES THAT LEAVE THERE BABYS AND BABY MOMMA LOL RIGHT HA HA HA GO GET OF YOU COMPUTER AND GET A LIFE ……

  • anonymous

    I am seeing alot of rude comments here, at least this family has jobs and is not using state assistance like some people that rely on the state and dont even try. They work hard for what they have and just cant catch a break. It took alot of guts to do what they did and i am sure they had to swallow some pride to do this. They both DO have jobs, in fact they work alot. They simply had to move, and part of that was buying a home. If it was not for that they would be able to give their children a great christmas. And i may be wrong but i dont think i am, i dont believe they owe anything on their home. They paid for it 100% up front! Can YOU who are bashing them say that? Maybe they are short on cash because they paid a little extra to have no mortgage payment!

  • Alyssa

    This story made me cry…
    I am so sorry..
    I am to the tooint where I have to leave my home to.
    We got a free trailer & was told some work needed done..
    Didn’t know what it was till now 3 months later. A lot keeps happening.
    Now we have the world’s largest bug under our trailer. Water damage causeing mold.
    & we can’t fox right now cause hubby only working, I just had our son, so I’m looking now. He’s going tp have 12 days off. Gd then bad cause we have so many bills due with no money this month w xmas. Then our daughter turns 3 next month.
    We havr bounced back an forth I know how u guys feel.
    Always remember that Lexi & Chris this is only making you two stronger & a couple, mom/dad, everything..
    Keep your head up. I may have some clothes for you guys. May I ask what the kid’s size is??
    I would like to help if I can. I have a lot of things I’m about to drop off at charable union.

  • Alyssa

    You people are a joke..
    That is rude & mean to say about someone..
    Not a lot of people sit on their ass & collect SSI or DHS assistance like u.

  • Unknown

    Let me start off by saying I know how this family feels as I am in the same situation myself but maybe people should realize what Christmas is truly about. I can't afford presents for my kids this year because I lost my job due to numerous health issues over a year ago. I struggle every day to make ends meet. There will be no presents under our tree this year but we have a home, food, heat, lights and each other and as my kids told me when I explained to them that I can't afford Christmas presents this year they told me "Mom that isn't what Christmas is about, it is about the birth of Jesus and besides we have the best present under the tree's outside and that is our home".
    Every one is saying helpless little kids that didn't ask to be put in this situation but yet at the same time do they really know the difference between a couple presents under the tree or 10 or 12 to open up. Raise them to know the real meaning of Christmas and that it is not all about getting gifts because Jesus being born is the best gift ever! Another thing, I have seen clothing and toys and the goodwill that look brand new and kids that young would not know the difference of where that present came from. I am not trying to condemn this family and I think it is awful that they were forced to move but rules are rules and I am sure when they moved in there apartment that they were informed of these rules. Rules like these apply due to fire and safety codes that apartment complexes must abide by. This family had 9 months to prepare to look for a new place to live. It isn't like Oh my gosh I am in labor I didn't know I was pregnant now we have no place to live.
    In the past when I was working full time I was one of those people who donated to families who couldn't afford gifts for their children, when my work adopted a family I was the only employee who brought in gifts for the family and since everyone was supposed to bring in 1 gift and there were about 26 employees that would have been a nice Christmas for this family. Well no one else did so I went out and bought more presents so this family had a Christmas.
    Sometimes we have to make due with what we have.. I feel more people need to stop focusing on the commercial part of the season and on the real meaning.

  • Susan

    I have clothing for this family! Please help me get it to them. How can I get a hold of this family. I have children a little older than theirs and would love to get them some of my gently used childrens clothes. People do not have to be rude. You do not know the whole story and you judge. God will bless the Palmer family. Please help me bless them too by getting this clothing to them.

    • Lexy

      The kids are aware of the TRUE meaning of Christmas. The 3 yr old knows there isn’t a Santa. But she doesn’t understand the concept of not getting “prizes” (surprises) under the tree like everyone else. And really it’s the whole world that puts stress about the holidays on ppls shoulders. I wish it wasn’t about shopping and gifts but that the way it is. Not asking for a huge Xmas. Not asking for much but these children deserve a Christmas! And a good way to contact them would be via email. Cell phone doesn’t get much reception in the trailer and so calling doesn’t do much good. is the email

  • mindy

    i dont have alot of money but i got alot of what i will give my kids from listia you put up some of your old stuff to get new thing and right now there are alot of kids toys that are new to the ass hole who say rude thing i hope you never find your self in need and fuck off thank you

  • anonymous

    As a mother of 3 going through this same thing I totllay understand. My husband and I both work full time, I go to school part time and about 3 weeks ago one of our cars broke down,thanks a to great famiy friend it was up and runing the next day. The day after that our other vehichle took a crap. We put ever penny into fixing it but one problem lead to another and we just can’t fix it nor can we have only one car.. these unexpected things sure know how to knock us down and at bad times. Its up to us what we do about it. I know its not easy asking for help even more so through fox 17. As parents it makes us feel like we are failing but you know what. Your doing whatever it takes to give your kids a christmas. Best wishes to you and your family and hope you all have a very merry christmas!!!

  • Unknown

    Let me start off by saying I know how this family feels as I am in the same situation myself but maybe people should realize what Christmas is truly about. I can't afford presents for my kids this year because I lost my job due to numerous health issues over a year ago. I struggle every day to make ends meet. There will be no presents under our tree this year but we have a home, food, heat, lights and each other and as my kids told me when I explained to them that I can't afford Christmas presents this year they told me "Mom that isn't what Christmas is about, it is about the birth of Jesus and besides we have the best present under the tree's outside and that is our home".

  • Serenity

    I agree about the rude comments, I guess everyone should be as lucky as the classless ignorant twits who made the nasty mean remarks..obviously, they have never known hardship…(sarcasm intended)Michigan is one of the hardest and not the friendliest states to find a job and never mind a job that will take care of a family…My family was lucky enough to get out of Mi and I thank God everyday for it…Our lives have improved 100 percent…
    Just because someone goes through being without a job or are homeless and have children does NOT mean they are lazy..individuals who think that way are narrow minded and very ignorant…They are the ones who should remember that there is Karma…
    I sincerely hope that this family and those like it find compassion, prosperity …godspeed…

  • unknown

    Well its funny how this family can sit on tv and beg for help they can always post on there face book how they party and have partys they should have saved that money for there children. I understand that people need to get out sometimes but if you can do that then think first and save it. What about all the people that have had there house burn and have nothing left they are worse off then you and I dont see them on tv beg. We all need help some of us just have more pride.

  • Seriously

    I am all about helping people that need it. We adopt a family every year for Christmas and teach our son to give back. However, for this specific situation – the story that they lost their apartment because it was in their lease only 4 people could live in it…then you shouldn't have had another child until you had the money to provide another home. I do not know this family, I only know what was reported; but it certainly seems to me that you could have prevented another pregnancy and now you are asking people to help your children (which it is not their fault). Shame on you for not being more responsible. There are numerous families that need help for circumstances that were out of their control. This was completely in your control! Seems like you are both healthy enough to work and smart enough to read a lease and know that if you have another child you'd lose your home.
    Everyone is posting that we should have compassion for them – I have compassion for their children, it is so sad that they are suffering; but it also angers me that the parents put them in that situation and now expect others to help dig them out.

  • Dustin

    Wow! We must have every Hillbilly in Galesburg chiming in here. I can’t even decipher half of the replies. I’m getting a run on sentence headache. Can I get an occasional period?

    • Lexy

      I’m not sure how to contact anyone on here. On the mobile view, it just shows me “anonymous says:”_____”.” so I do apologize. Ill start with a thank you to everyone who has reached out to us this holiday season! ;) it’s greatly appreciated. I’m glad I have things to wrap for the kiddos . A weight has been lifted from our shoulders. Very thankful for all of this. At first I was skeptical about asking anyone for help. As was my husband. We don’t like that we asked for help because of all f the negativity. I would like to clarify that we did not go on tv to beg for help. I didn’t even want to be on tv because who wants the world to know that they’re struggling? Not me. I don’t want to be known as that kind of person. But I guess it’s a little too late for that. We do both have a job. I work part time and he works full time. We work every bit we can along with raising our 3 awesome children. :) we don’t want to take anything we don’t need. I have plenty to give to others. I have all maternity clothes in my closet, I don’t need them ever again. After multiple types of birth control and years of suffering through all of it not working and just screwing with my body, I will not be using it anymore and my husband is taking it upon himself so we don’t have anymore kids. On that note I’d also like to clarify that we are more than able to support our children. Yes their winter clothes and coats and what not did get stolen out of storage so we were running zero to none in that area but we were put in a position to where all of r pennies are spoken for. We are putting all of the effort into this home. It neede a lot more work than we could see til we started working. We knew nothing about remodeling a home or this kind of work before this. We are beginners. There were times that beer was offered for anyone that could come help us get the work done. We’re only 2 people. We did A LOT for it mostly being us. With the exception of a couple friends and our mothers who helped when they could. Thanks to my mon for supplying the beer that got ppl to come an help is. Idk what anyone is talking about partying but sure isn’t my Facebook lol. Even if I had a sitter for all my kids, I’d sleep, NOT party. I did however take my toddlers to my works Christmas party the other night. They enjoyed it. I enjoy seeing them smile. An I know Christmas presents under the tree will make them smile and boy do I love to see them smile. Since we found out our last child was coming into the world, we started searching for a new home. And also saved up money for it. We ended up finding a home to rent that was perfect for us, even had the money in hand. But things fell through. It’s not really anyone’s business what happened but I feel obligated to defend myself on here. We aren’t asking for a handout. We’re not asking for anyone to pay our bills (however I’d like to thank our new neighbors Roy & Sandy for their help in getting our cable and Internet hooked up) <which I'm aware isn't a need and I didn't ask for it, they insisted. Because they're kind hearted caring generous people. I'm just needing help with gifts under the tree is all. We will take care of the rest. I know there are needy people out there, with many more needs than us. We are extremely lucky we have 3 healthy happy children and after weeks of round the clock work, a roof over our heads! Please do not be mistaken here. Another thank you to fox17 for airing our story! As much as I didn't want to do it and kept telling my husband that I didn't want to be on tv, I'm glad I set aside my pride so that the kids could get Xmas gifts from us. I cannot wait to be able to pay it forward to someone or another family who is in need like us. For the comment about paying it forward, again all I see is "anonymous says:" so Im not quite sure how to contact you haha but feel free to shoot me an email. And I can give you a phone number from there or you can just leave me yours. Thank you everyone who has been so understanding with this. The news could only show 2mins of what were going through. I could go into detail about how we got into every situation that's knocked us on our butts but I have kiddos that need my attention and love. Just know that I am in no way trying to beg from or use anyone. Please do not take it that way that's not my intentions. God bless you all. Happy holidays! Thanks to fox17 and everyone who cared about our story the holidays will be happy in our home. And to anyone who needs help, just ask for it. Youll be glad you did.

  • uknown

    I know of this family and i was going to try to help out…that was untill i read on lexy's Facebook that she just got her internet and cable hooked up…i think they have their wants and needs mixed up.

  • Allison Campbell

    it’s a shame what this world is coming to. heartless people. did you not read that her neighbors insisted on paying for her cable & internet? not everybody is as rude and selfish as you. I look up to you lexy and chris for everything you guys do. if it wasn’t for my wonderful father, I would be in the same boat. he helps me out a lot. so do other family members so I don’t have to pay for a babysitter while I work. keep up the good work and merry christmas

  • Kris

    If you’re going to take the time to spew ridiculous and ignorant comments at this family….also take the time to read the story. Take a step back and reavaluate your own life. I’m proud of them for having the courage to ASK for help. All for the love of their three beautiful children. What Chris did was far from selfish and goes to show he and Lexy care more for their children than the false opinion of negative people. Please, if you don’t have any compassion for this family, simply do not reply. No one deserves to be treated this way.

  • Samantha

    First off all the rude people on here must never have been taught respect, for as most people were taught you are supposed to help each other out. Secondly this family is one of the most deserving family’s when it comes to this. They have 3 small children and one of them is starting to know what Christmas is all about an will remember this, taking that away from a child would be the worst thing ever. Lexy and Chris keep doing what you are doing there is a lot of generous people out there willing to help and ignore the comments it’s just people talking crap, even though there parents didn’t raise them like that and they’re letting them down.

    • Lexy

      Thank you all. The negative comments started getting to me last night. But I’m just shaking it off. I’m aware that the devil is just knockin at the door. I am up to get ready for work but my lil baby is hungry, I’d much rather feed her lol

  • Anonymous

    There is NO shame in asking for help. It's hurtful to see people say that this family is undeserving. The point of this is they asked for help and thats hard to do. When someone has the courage to ask for help, help should be given without complaint. If you want to tell someone they don't deserve it than simply don't take part in helping. It's no ones business but theirs how they spend their money or how many children they come to have. They asked for help and if you don't want to help them then don't and don't waste your time telling them that or shaming them. Sure there are plenty of families who could use the help more but I don't see them asking for help. It's difficult admitting you need help specially when you pride yourself on taking care of your family. Take care of these people, show them there are good people and i'm positive they will return the favor to anyone in need.

  • Colleen

    WOW all this mean spirit and at Christmas Time. I think all of us could be in a bad situation in a blink of an eye. If some of you cant say anything nice then keep your rude nonsense hard hearten comments to yourself