Little Elves Keeping An Eye On West Michigan Kids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Ever wonder how Santa knows who is being naughty and nice? It may not be Santa, but his elves, watching for good behavior in the kids of Our West Michigan.

Nestled on one of the highest spots in the Efthemiou home, the little Elf on a Shelf keeps an eye on sisters, Delaney and Savanna Efthemiou. He is one of Santa’s elves. He is an excellent listener and an even better observer. The Elf makes sure the young sisters stay off the naughty list this Christmas.

“Every morning, Savanna gets up and asks where he is immediately. She wants to know if he is watching her,” said Michelle Efthemiou, Savanna’s mother.

The Efthimou family says Elfie, as they call him, started visiting the house last year. No good deed goes unnoticed.

“At night, he goes away and tells Santa how [Savanna] was during the day. Then, he comes back the next day to watch her,” said Efthemiou.

When Elfie returns, he ends up in a new spot. Sometimes, he plays little games with the kids. Efthemiou says the little Elf made a snow angel out of sugar, and got into a box of Q-tips. She even found Elfie in Savanna’s backpack one morning before school.

But, while it’s OK for these elves to show off a little naughty side, they make sure kids like Savanna and Delaney always stay sweet.

“If she’s not being good, she always asks if Elf is going to tell Santa.”

And, Elfie has some rules.

“You’re not supposed to touch him. He’s magic,” said Savanna.

Savanna hopes Elfie reports to Santa about how good she has been all year, in the hopes Santa brings her a pop-making machine for Christmas.

“I think it’s a great thing to add to the family for Christmas. It’s a nice tradition to start with your kids and gives them something to look forward to every year,” said Efthemiou.

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