Right-To-Work Passes State House And Senate

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LANSING, Mich. – After a day of protests the right-to-work bill passes the Michigan State House and State Senate.

This means that workers will now have the choice to join a union or pay union dues at a place of employment instead of being required to as the previous legislature dictated.

The bill passed the Michigan State House by a vote of 58 to 52.

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  • 2013worldseries

    This country is going to >>>>. I have worked in union and nonunion shops. Even though I have never needed the union to keep my job, I will gladly pay those pennies on the dollar dues. I have seen too many good people that have been screwed by family owned businesses or ?cronizm? pits. It makes me sick to think about how hard people fought to get decent wages and working conditions to let all go down the drain. Now, the snot nosed kids and lazy pencil pushers want to blame all their problems on the unions. They want to assume that the companies and governments hand out benefits out of the goodness of their hearts. Sure, companies will make it appear that the nonunion paying people have it good…for a while. But after a few years, you will be waking up in a third world country. MORONS!

    • Ed Southpaw

      Waking up in a third world country…how so? Who do you think is competing against union workers? By demanding higher wages and stellar benefits, they're effectively putting themselves at a major disadvantage! There are Mexicans right across the border making $1.50/hour plus transportation to/from bus stops and lunch. And there are THOUSANDS waiting to replace you. I won't even factor in Indonesia and other Far East emerging countries who's labor rates are much lower than MX! Face it, Unions will be forced to become more competitive if they want a fighting chance to stay alive in this global market. And those absurd, inflated wages Unions fight so dearly for today will ultimately be what brings them down.

      • Lyle Unger Jr

        Hey Ed so what you are saying is the people that make the products should bow down and kiss the billionaires feet for allowing them to work? You are just another reason why our country is in the shape it is. It is due to hard working people standing together and demanding equal pay for equal work that the United States of America became the greatest country in the world.

    • Lyle Unger Jr

      You are ignorant. If your boss wants to fire you tomorrow they can and you have nothing to protect your interest. Unions = prosperity, Right to work = another recession

          • kevin

            How about this one- Unions = failed auto industry, HUGE tax payer funded bail out, failing public school system, loss of jobs overseas because union extortion. Right to work = choice to join union or not. If its so great to be in the union and sell your soul to the democrat party then you have nothing to worry about- it will sell itself. Drink more kool-aid.

          • Lyle Unger Jr

            How about you are wrong again. Government bailout of the auto industry has them paying off the loan before it was even due. You are right about there being extortion, Dick Devos who wanted to be our governor is controlling the shots and he moved jobs to China because he could make more by paying "slave" labor pennies a day versus giving the workers equal right and equal pay. If you are going to tell how right to work is I think you should do it right, RTW means you don't have to pay your union dues if you don't want to but that Union has to right for you. That is economics 101 if you don't have money coming in you can't run a busniess so it crushes the unions. When you come out of the whole you crawled out of do your research before you speak.

          • chad

            you must be the smartest person on earth and you know eveything i for one think the unions do more to protect the jobs of everyone and by that everyone being the ones that dont want to work hard if you do your job the way you should and work hard for the co you work for why would the fire you just saying that i dont believe this will send our state in a downfall

          • Lyle Unger Jr

            Chad have you ever worked in a Union? Have you ever been the lone bread winner of your family and because management didn't like you or some other absurd reason you lose that job? A Union is there to make sure the second question does not happen and that you are treated fairly. As for the downfall of our state, Look at every state that has RTW and you will see the jobs are down near minimum wage and more people are living in poverty. Instead of "thinking" you know what you are talking about, educate yourself and "KNOW" what you are saying.

          • kevin

            Ready for school? In order to sell product in china you must manufacture product in china- do some research yourself. Not sure where you live L. but thanks to Devos and Van Andels investment into downtown GR you can actually enjoy being down there without being mugged. Countless jobs and revenue for the GR area due to their investment. Ok economic prof. L. thanks to unions we know longer have twinkies- What came first the company or the union??? If a company can't make a profit, it can't expand and grow, it can't hire more employees, it will loose out to an overseas company. Unions have overreached for years and have shot themselves in the foot. Unions are like a drug- unholy mind control. Grow up and be a big boy L. You keep paying your dues to big daddy obama like all good lemmings.

          • Lyle Unger Jr

            Kevin you aren't teaching anyone because you don't know what you are talking about. 90% of the things walmart sells are made in china and 100% of amway is china and you see both buying more and more commercial time on tv. Not to mention more than 75% of the population of china can't even afford the things they make when they make pennies per day.

            As for no twinkies cause of Unions, shockingly you are wrong again. When countless companies lined up to buy the hostess company when they said they were going to liquidate but the Union workers would still have jobs, so what is the reason for the downfall of hostess? POOR MANAGEMENT!!!!!!!!

            As for which came first this time you are right so congrats but answer me this, what is more important the worker or profits? If a company is making billions of dollars in profit and the workers are making minimum wage is that ok? If you answered profits and yes then you are exactly why our economy has been in the shape it has. Devos and his cronies didn't make Grand Rapids better the people did.

          • kevin

            I like how you can pull all the % numbers from your rear. Can you actually site a factual source to support your numbers. MY GUESS YOU CAN'T!!! Where did you obtain your economics degree from the Local 101 union hall? And do the have a course for indoctrination? Unions are killing this country by never giving but always taking. The non union sector in this country has had to give up $ and benefits for years now while unions won't give an inch and even expect more. Who builds a company with out expecting to make a profit? Who is to say what a just profit is? Some people feel if they were being under paid they might get empowered to find better pay else where others just complain and leach off others. Have you ever worked for a poor person Lyle? Class warfare is destroying this country and with a union mindset like yours we will be where Greece is soon!

          • Lyle Unger Jr

            I like how you keep pulling out your ridiculous accusations about Unions. My degree and my numbers hold more weight than your wild assumptions ever could. The only thing killing this country is narrow minded view points like yours. Just because Union brothers and sisters have stood up and fought for better pay and benefits you are sore. Well how about instead of blaming Unions you blame yourself for not having the testicular fortitude to stand up like they did. As for what is a just profit, that is not the question, the real question is what is a just pay. Some people like those for instance at walmart can't afford to look for jobs elsewhere because they are held in poverty but I wouldn't expect you to understand or have empathy for those people. I have worked for businesses that didn't think they would make it thru the year so all of us employees Union and Company alike banded together and helped it stay afloat and then I worked for a multi million dollar company that had profits good profits and both Union and Company folks got bonuses. As for being where Greece is soon, I doubt it because there are a hell of a lot more folks like me than there are like you and we showed that in the last election.

    • Lyle Unger Jr

      How many things you buy come from the USA? How many come from China or other non regulated countries? We need Unions in this country so the other 97% of us can actually achieve "The American Dream"

  • AntiSlug

    Your rant makes you sound like you live in one……………… The MORONs reference you made just reiterates the UNION'S high and mighty mentality………… You appear to be a mooch like the rest of them…… Move along!

    • Lyle Unger Jr

      The high and mighty mentality comes from those IDIOTS AND MORONS that only care about how to make more profits by cutting workers hours or laying them off all together. Every state that has passed this has seen their economies go down the toilet instead of prospering like the backers of RTW promised

  • kevin

    Unions had an important time in our nations history say back in the 20's during the industrial revolution. Now they do nothing but leach off the hard working and sell their souls to the democrat party.

  • Pips

    You'll still be able to give your money to a Union. Just those who want to work for the company rather than the Union will now have that choice. It's about the right to choose, and is progress in the labor movement.

    • Lyle Unger Jr

      No actually it means that you can be apart of a Union but not have to pay the dues and the Union still has to represent your dumb arse. If you don't understand don't talk

      • Mike

        I've worked in a union for years. If you work hard and take pride in your job, you don't need a union to protect you. Any decent company will want to keep you as an employee.

        • Lyle Unger Jr

          How many decent companies are out there? We voted for Granholm against Devos but he is the one running the show with his puppets of Snyder and his people. And Devos moved his jobs to China. Decent companies don't treat people like that

  • JSA

    Look, it just isn't fair that there are people working in Union shops that are forced to pay union dues when they do not want to. Especially when some of that money goes to causes that are NOT related to the job and they don't support or agree with.

    • Lyle Unger Jr

      JSA if you go to a non Union shop you can look to get paid minimum wage versus the pay the Union has fought to get you. I understand hard times more than most folks and I would rather pay the Union dues versus having to feed my family cold canned food if we can even afford that.

  • AntiSlug

    Lyle you sound like you are mad at capitalism…….

    Capitalism is an economic system that is based on private ownership of the means of production and the production of goods or services for profit.

    Notice the word for profit. If it makes you mad why dont you start your own company and drive the price of the product through the roof so your company can pay the UNION labor and still try to make a profit…… Then you can feel sorry for the poor union worker when you competetor goes off shore…. Probably dont make sense to you because that is one of many reasons why Michigan is where it is at today!!

    • Lyle Unger Jr

      Not mad at capitalism at all I am for the workers though which it sounds like you are against. I wish I could start a company cause you can bet your arse I would have a Union in it. Unions don't drive the price of the product up it is piss poor management that does that. Then they blame the Union when they move to Mexico or Asia or some other place where they can use "slave" labor (that they pay pennies for a day of work). It sounds like you are a "ME ME ME ME" type person though which is why the country has gone thru this horrible financial crisis. And you are the one that I don't think this stuff is making sense to or you are just flat out ignorant. When we stand as a whole and demand to take back our state will you still stand up and speak your belief or cower under your rock like the snake you are?

        • Lyle Unger Jr

          Yeah unions did good with hostess. Ownership wouldn’t make concessions but wanted the union employees to take all their concessions. When Warren Buffett says our economic system is broke more people should listen and he is backing his employees not management, so what does that tell you? WAKE UP AND SHUT UP

          • andra

            It tells me I hope they do that good with the rest of the company's they work for, including the big 3. This all worked out pretty good now someone else will buy hostess and their prices will go down to a normal one. And they won't need as much help b/c a normal worker can do the work of 3 lazy as* union members! And they don't pis* and moan about there job.

    • Lyle Unger Jr

      Been there done that. I think you should take an ethics class on how to not be an arse and a business class on getting more from your workers with kindness than badgering

  • Nicole

    No one is ever forced to "join" the union. At any time 50% of the workers can vote to disassociate with the union. If take a union job, but don't want to join, you only have to pay a "representation fee", not the full union dues. What right to work does is give employers COMPLETE control of the workforce – no notice, no reason, nothing – they can just come in one day and say "bye!". I feel sorry for all of you, and glad I don't live in Michigan!!

  • 2013worldseries

    They just announced today that only 17% of the workforce is unionized. Only a wolf in sheeps clothing would say "That is too many" and continue to blame the unions for all the economic problems of Michigan. Sad, very sad. I don't understand where people get the idea that unions can keep bad workers. It's always been my experience that lazy management doesn't get rid of bad workers. Nobody can defend a bad apple but management can certainly let their slug buddies hang around a long, long time and soak up profits.