Dick’s Sporting Goods Suspends Sales Of Semi-Automatic Rifles

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

NEWTOWN, Conn. (CNN) – Dick’s Sporting Goods, one of the largest sporting goods retailers in the world, says it has removed all guns from its store nearest to Newtown, Connecticut, and is suspending the sale of certain kinds of semi-automatic rifles from its chains nationwide.

The move was made out of respect for the victims and families of last week’s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting “during this time of national mourning,” the store said in a statement Tuesday morning.

“We continue to extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by this terrible tragedy,” the statement said.

It was unclear how long the store will keep the suspension in place for the guns, known as ‘modern sporting rifles.’

It’s also not known whether this is the first time the store has taken such a step after a shooting that made national headlines.

A search of Dick’s Sporting Goods website early Tuesday morning showed a blank page for “modern sporting rifles.”

The move comes after reports that investigators were trying to determine whether the gunman in the Newtown shooting, Adam Lanza, tried to buy a gun from a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in the city of Danbury, about 12 miles away.

“At this time, reports that the suspect visited one of our stores last week have not been confirmed by law enforcement,” the sporting goods store said in a statement. “Based on our records, we can confirm that no firearms were sold to the suspect identified in this case.”

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  • Albert Trischler

    I say boycott The Business, if they will aid in the removal of the 2nd amendment, then we should stop shopping there and remove them from our stores to shop.

    • sandy

      R U KIDDING ME??? screw the 2nd amendment! get those guns off the shelves! the same day there was an attack at a school in china with a knife,,,, NO ONE DEAD!!!!! each one of thos einocent children had 3 bullets in them …… get rid of the guns and yoru right to bear arms its ridiculous!!!!!! i hope obomma rocks your gun laws to shit!!!

      • Guest

        According to the Medical Examiner, the victims were all killed with the Bushmaster which is a semi automatic AR-15 military style assault rifle. The only thing the handgun was used for was the suicide. You have no idea what you are talking about Cindy. Back to you gun nut hole.

        • Chris

          Wrong. An "assault rifle" requires the gun to have something called "selective fire" and that means you have to be able to choose between semi and another form of fire (either full auto or 3rd burst). An "assault weapon" is a made up term (was invented back in 1989 I believe) that is then slapped on guns that are deemed "scary" and is used to play off of the fear and ignorance of most people. Oh and lets not forget that the military rifle is the M16, the "AR" in AR15 stands for "ArmaLite" which is the company that originally came up with the design for the rifle and guns marketed under the "AR15" name have all been semi-autos (unlike the military counterpart which are true assault rifles as they have a select-fire feature).

          So you also have no clue what you're talking about and should learn to get your terms right.

  • manning

    when will people realize that its not the guns- guns have been around since this county was founded – this tragedy is a culmination of many things: the constant acts of violence depicted in the tv and movies, the failure of our mental health system, and the failure of the nuclear family.

    • Bill Curnutt

      All the things you cite are factors. But comparing the weaponry available to individuals in the 18th century with the high-powered weapons manufactured and sold now tells you that the weapons of today play at least some role. I would add, since you mention the nuclear family, that the decline in community has not helped matters either. It sounds like the Lanzas kept to themselves and that is not healthy, despite what those people who worship 'rugged individualism' might think (and they are wrong). Humans are social creatures and we need community to stay balanced, empathetic and not so self-absorbed.

    • sandy

      yoru right it is the idiot behind the gun BUT if he didnt have teh abilty to shoot so many rounds so quickly there woudn't be so many dead ! GUNS are an issue in the usa regardless of what you say! the right to bear arms is crazy ! i live in canada and well …….. im hapy for that!

  • Gretchen

    Semi-automatic rifles have not been around since this country was founded. The Constitution should be amended to reflect the changing times, just as it was for slavery and women's suffrage. I suppose you believe those things were wrong too, though.

    • Cindy

      The primary purpose of the 2nd amendment was an armed citizenry would be able to fight off a tyrannical government if the need arose.
      Oh, and under the current liberal definition of semi n of semi automatic a musket fits the category.

      • Gretchen

        I'd love to see you "fight off a tyrannical government" with any handheld gun. Governments, international and domestic, have deadlier weapons.

        • Hunting in the Wood

          They also have soldiers that know the difference between right and wrong. So tell me Gretchen do you carry a pistol or a cop for protection?

    • Sue

      I agree cpmpletely. These types of weapons did not exist when this country was founded. These innocent children and women who were slaughtered in Newtown had RIGHTS too.
      They had the RIGHT to come home safe from school last Friday. They had the RIGHT to see their parents that evening and kiss them and hug them. They had a RIGHT to have playdates and a RIGHT to grow up and see more birthdays. If the people of our nation can not see past their selfish sick ideas that they have the RIGHT to own a semi-automatic weapon for what reasons I will NEVER understand or CARE to understand. THERE IS NO NEED! You want to own a handgun for self protection…..you want to hunt…own a normal rifle. NOT ONE THAT CAN BE CAPABLE of MASS KILLINGS. It is disgusting. My heart aches for those parents in Newtown.

    • Dan

      So, by your logic the govt would be able to restrict speech conducted via cell phones (or even eliminate them) since cell phones did not exist when the Constitution was written.

    • John

      Yes they did not have these weapons but if you read the constitution it states we have the rights to the same weapons as our government. The right to bear arms was put in place to fight off tyranny & to protect yourself.
      Government has already taken away are rights from a fully automatic weapon. Semi autos are great for duck hunting too…. Yes we need them.
      Because of a bad accident in a car do we get rid of cars??? No we take the driver off the road. Think about it. Taking guns from legal citizens because of a wacko??? How is that working with all the illegal drugs…. They are still out there!!!!

    • Freedom1Man

      Would that be, because computers, phones, radios, television, the internet, and automatic printing presses were not mentioned in the constitution and the fact they did not have all those things back then?

      Those are all being used as weapons of mass deception.

  • Tammy J

    Strongly agree on the boycott of Dick's and further any gifts you have purchased from Dick's for Christmas, return them and state your reason for returning them is disagreement with this policy.

    • Bill Curnutt

      That is your right as an American and a consumer, Tammy. As it is my right, for the same reasons, to applaud the actions of Dick's Sporting Goods and resolve to shop there more often.

  • Freedom1Man

    Oh you mean like the information showing that his father was going to testify against LIBOR?

    Same as a the Bat Man Shooter in Colorado.

    Or was it because he was on doctor prescribed mind altering drugs? Like prozac, ridalin, zoloft , chantex, etc?

    • Andrew

      Your lost and I think that once we do rise up against the government trying to take our guns they need to send people like you packing out of our free country.

  • tired

    Why doesn’t anyone see the real problem.

    Why are these shootings always young white Males between the ages of 16 & 25. Why don’t we learn to identify the reasons these shootings happen. These kids plan these

    shootings out it’s never a spontaneous decision .

      • Franklin Rush

        And you are a head in the sand, intellectually bankrupt, evil, tyrannical fool. Willing to give away your rights and only thing that protects your liberty because "Hey, as long as I can watch TV and get fat, I'm the smart one!"

        Why don't you educate yourself as to the nearly 60 million people dead due to people like you in the last century.


  • Living in the Wood

    The only thing an assault rifle is good for is killing people. You can't hunt with it. This seems to be the gun of choice for sick people who want to kill lots of people. Why is it so hard to give up having a killing machine like this to safe guard our babies?? This is only part of the solution. Mental health is another part of it, but I don't think people are wanting gun control, but regulation. I have several guns and enjoy shooting them, but see no reason to own an assault rifle.

    • Nyarlothotep

      Because next someone will come along and decide another right to repeal. Then another one. And another one.

      You short sighted fools. Only care about yourselves and living in comfort.

    • Hunting in the Wood

      I hunt with one every weekend. Don't know where you get your information, but study up buttercup. Just because you still use dial up for an internet connection doesn't I can't use RoadRunner. By definition an assault rifle is capable of selective or full automatic fire. I believe you are referring to a semi-automatic rifle.

  • Qdog

    Temporarily stopping sales of certain weapons isn't infringing on your 2nd amendment rights. Perhaps Dick's just doesn't want to take advantage in the up-tick of sales of handguns that is occurring out of respect for the families who lost loved ones.

    My opinion on the subject of the main weapon used in the shooting is this…There is no reason general population has a need for a weapon of this nature. You don't hunt with it…you don't secure your home with it (too long/unweildy). It's a killing machine. Additionally, the fact that we allow the sale of 30 round clips outside of national guard or military situations is crazy.

    Lastly, read the 2nd amendment. It is not written that every citizen has the right to own a gun. Read it.

    • sandy

      YOU arE AWESOM!!!!!! you nailed it right on the head! no one is trying to screw with their 2nd amendment they are just trying to keep everyone safe. all of these ppl would feel differantly if it was one of their loved ones laying dead blown to pieces beyond recognition!!!

    • Derek

      You are very ignorant on your knowledge of the 2nd amendment… In fact it does say every citizen. The U.S. Supreme Court has stated in its rulings on numerous occasions that the “people” referred to in the 2nd admendment are in fact the same “people” mentioned throughout the the 1st admendment and the others…the people are ALL of the citizens of this country

      • Hunting in the Wood

        Hey Qdog, it's a magazine not a clip. These are very efficient hunting rifles. But I'm glad you know what I need to defend my home. Just the sight of mine will make the bad guy leave without a shot being fired. BTW, the average person can do more damage with a shotgun than a rifle.

  • Anonymous

    I don't think it is a gun problem, people need to stop pointing the finger at guns, and start looking at the real picture. I don't care if you are for guns, or against them, the bottom line is people kill people. Parents need to start paying more attention to thier children and the way they are raising them, and it is also they way the media is influencing society, and a number of other things. I feel banning certain firearms will not accomplish anything. The only thing it will do, is force the people who are planning acts of violence to use other means. All i am trying to say is people will always commit acts of evil against one another, and nothing will ever change that. The second amendment does in fact state,'' the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." No disrespect to the post above mine but, that sounds like it is saying that all people have the right to own a gun. I feel that you were trying to ask the question, ''Should all citizens own a gun?"

  • Steve

    First of all guns dont kill people; people kill people. Second, anything that can be used to inflict physical harm to another human being is a "weapon", and in so doing, it becomes an "assault weapon". Look up both these words in your dictionary. So, a knife, bat, golf club, fist, car, hammer etc. are all assault weapons if used to harm another person; try outlawing those fools.
    I'm sick and tired of you idiotic liberals telling me what kind of firearm I can and should or should not own. I dont tell you what kind of car or home you should own, so mind your own damn business.
    And yes Qdog, the 2nd ammendment does guarantee the right to bear arms. Who do you think owned the guns that fought the British for our independence from England and it's tyrannical ruler?
    Our guns that are owned by "law abiding citizens" are all that stand between our liberty and freedom being taken away by another tyrant.
    Wake up Americans! Your freedoms and Liberties are on the chopping block!

    • Ro

      Regardless of how it’s said, I agree the comment of “…guns don’t kill people; people kill people…”
      Maybe some people have a false sense of security or some other reason. I had a large dog that someone cut her front legs off and stabbed her. This was done within an hour of time. The neighbors surrounding me had their dogs taken too. I hope to God they never learned what torture theirs may have gone through and yes the yards were fenced in.

      Those children in China will have visible scars. Now tell me a knife can’t be as bad as a gun.

      The point is, regardless if people like it or not, it is a right we have that no one should take away from the rest. The police aren’t a second away from your door. Ask anyone who survived any sort of aggression.