Ottawa County Man Found Guilty Of Child Abuse

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. – A Grand Haven District Court found Justin McIntyre, 23, guilty of second degree child abuse.

Bentley McIntyre, at just six-weeks-old, was flown to a Grand Rapids hospital on Aug. 4, at about 1:00 a.m. An investigation of the infants injuries, which included serious brain injuries, led authorities to believe the child had been severely shaken.

“I love my son. I would never hurt him,” McIntyre said in a police interview played in court.

However, during the same interview, McIntyre admitted to shaking the boy, but said he didn’t intend to hurt him.

The verdict came down to McIntyre’s intent, which the court decided was not planned, but rather something that occurred in a “brief moment in time when he was with Bentley.”

The now 5-month-old baby is with his mother. She said he is doing well but is taking medication for seizures.

McIntyre will be sentenced on Jan. 28.

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  • jamey

    I think we need to crack down on situations where children are the victim. The punishment should be related to the crime. an eye for an eye.

  • veronica marota

    I agree, he should get a very long sentence… & an eye for an eye- he needs the max in consequences for his brutal actions of which he chose to do. My daughter is a victim of a violent gun crime that her father comitted against her. She will suffer for the rest of her life from the gun crime her father chose to do towards her. He has a violent criminal history of which Muskegon County has chosen to NOT give him appropriate consequences for. He has threathened other peoples lives in the past. Because muskegon county has done nothing to stop him-as they lawfully & ETHICALLY are suppose to have done, my daughter’s life was threatened-as he fired his handgun in his house-during his parenting time…muskegon county has only charged him with firing his gun inside a dwelling…NOTHING relating to the fact of her life was nearly taken…not even a mention of the child abuse. He roams the streets freely, as my daughter fears for her life!! There seems to be no justice for children!! We pray, as he’s got the freedom to roam-due to muskegon county’s negligence…that he doesn’t harm my daughter…or any other children-such as those sweet children of CT did!

  • Britlynn

    I know who Justin is an he would never of done that kind of stuff to his son. He loves his son very much. He’s a very kind person and he cares so much about Kay and Bentley. I’m sorry Kay that it happened and I do believe it was right that he had to sign off on Bentley but I don’t think he should get the maximum. I am praying for you and Bentley both I love you Kay!

  • Britlynn

    There was more then one person in the house and they couldn’t get up and help, they couldn’t hear that Bentley was crying? people are lazy and every one gets frustrated every now and then and yes that is no exscuse for him to shake Bentley but everyone need help sometime. I’m Justins friend and he is a kind hearted person who would never do anything to hurt anyone especially his son, he loved Bentley and Kay. All of you will be in my prayers. Love you Kay and Bentley <3