Secret Santa Donates Thousands Of Toys

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Ionia, Mich. – There were smiles and there were tears.

It was a holiday party to remember at Boyce Elementary School in Ionia.

“There is good in the world and this is proof,” said Principal Stacey Bovee.

On Thursday, thousands of dollars worth of toys were anonymously donated to the school district – someone paid it forward big time.

“Now I know what Santa feels like, and all his elves,” Bovee smiles.

It started out as a normal day for the Wildcats, until the principal learned of a big Christmas surprise coming her way.

“There was a trailer full (of toys) and we were told to go to the bus barn and start bagging up toys.”

Hundreds of toys were spread out in the hallway to create the perfect Christmas buffet.

“We had to set this up in one hour,” Bovee said.

Later, in between cookie eating, and craft making during the classroom parties,  each kid picked out something special to take home.

“There was a whole bunch of presents there,” says Charley Frost, showing off his action figure that lights up.  His brother Adam got a remote controlled vehicle – with batteries – and didn’t hesitate to show us how it works.

But amongst the happy chaos and gifts, the true meaning of the season sinks in.

“(The anonymous donor) spent their money and their time to do (this),” explains fifth-grader Sarah Rooks.  “I really liked it, because everybody in the school could have presents.”

Her classmate, Carley Fulcher, agrees.

“I thought that was very nice of the people and that’s exactly what Christmas is all about.”

Turns out, more than one thousand kids at all five elementary schools in the district were good this year; the generous Secret Santa brought enough toys for them, and even some kids in the middle and high schools.

Several students at Boyce started paying it forward right away.

“Kids were shopping for their brother and sisters, they were taking not only toys for them, but they were taking for (needy) kids who they knew could use them,” Bovee says.

Holding back tears, she shares a message for the responsible party.

“Thank you, you have made Christmas so much fun and just so happy for so many kids.”

The remaining toys will be donated to local churches and given to families in need this season.

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  • Bernie

    What a disgusting story with respect to the reason for the season. All of those toys should have come with a recognition that Jesus, the Lord and Savior was born. The fact that not one child recognized Jesus nor did the story makes this donation a joke and only serves the exemplify that Christmas is over commercialized.

    I, for one, am disgusted by this story. Whoever donated those toys totally missed the mark! Oh such a fool does exist.

  • Tonya Rooks

    During a Christmas season that seems to be filled with ciaos, sadness, and uncertainty this amazing act of kindness has reminded me the way it feels to just enjoy the moment. Thank you not just for the toys and smiles you gave all the children in Ionia, but also for the pure Joy in a surprise from a caring heart. From a parent of three grateful students at Boyce Elementary, I pray you have a very Merry Christmas!

  • Chris

    Thank you Secret Santa from a grandma of 2 of the children at Twin Rivers Elementary. They came home with the biggest smiles yesturday. They were beaming with excitement over this kindness passed on to them.

  • Jenna Perry

    Thank you for bring the spirit of the season alive in our local schools!!! It’s amazing to see the twinkle in a child’s eye when they realize how generous others can be!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving them hope and joy in their hearts :). May you have a very Merry Christmas!