Man Charged For Having Sex With Dog

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich — A Cedar Springs man is in jail charged with repeatedly sodomizing a dog.

Charles Ralph Horton faces charges that he performed sex acts with a Labrador/German Shepherd mix between August and November 2012 in Grand Rapids.

Because this is Horton’s fourth offense, he also faces charges of being a habitual offender.

The police report did not say how authorities came to become aware of Horton’s activities or who owned the dog.

A list of Horton’s prior convictions was given to FOX 17 News.

Here’s what it revealed:

  • 1973: guilty of obstructing police and stolen vehicle.
  • 1974: guilty of obstructing judiciary.
  • 1975: guilty of larceny.
  • 1975: guilty of burglary.
  • 1975: guilty of larceny from a motor vehicle.
  • 1976: guilty of burglary.
  • 1983: guilty of burglary.
  • 1986: guilty of burglary.

Then came the sexual assault convictions. In 1990, Horton was found guilty of sexual assault in the second degree (person under 13).

For this incident, Horton was charged on Dec. 7 for felony sexual assault.

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  • Emma

    What's more sick, that he did this, or that he'd just get a ticket in Washington State? The animal in this state just has to be over 25 pounds… talk about icky!

    • pateriot

      In a few years you will be the bad person for looking down on sick and twisted perverts like this. "Any love is good love", "Who are you to decide what a family should look like", "who are you to judge others", "bigot", "Zooaphobe!" Trust me when I say that this is coming. We are well on that slippery slope to hedonism! This and far worse are the results of moral relativism!

  • missy

    I hope they lock the sick SOB up 4ever and the men he gets locked up wiith make him their bitch! i feel bad 4 that dog it sure didnt ask for that and i luv animals. hope he rots in hell!

  • Susan Reilly

    Half man. Half dog. Everybody knows it's a mog. and this is straight from the website of David Arvedon, whose band, the Psychopaths, writes about bestiality and other sick things.

  • Kara

    I really don't understand about the girl under 13 cause it said it was in 1990 and in Nov he got charged with it well we are in 2012 now so does that mean he just got charged with her sexual assault in 2012? Cause if that's the case that's really messed up and I would be pissed seeings how they are getting him with fucking dogs now and it took so long to get charged for the girl. And what really pisses me off is that he goes around screwing children and animals and has that lengthy record and was not sitting in jail still. People are going to jail for stupid shit like driving on a suspended licence for having just little unpaid tickets and have to pay out the ass. But this SOB can do all that and still have been walking around free with the record he has? Tell me whats up with that

  • John

    All of you that are so butt-hurt about this story should be thinking about writing their local courts and county jails, and even calling them, demanding harsher punishments for sex crimes. I see people all the time in Ottawa County Jail (through their inmate lookup), who are getting barely any time at all for sex crimes. You want this to end? Make it end.

    Stop wasting money on stupid little crimes like driving offenses and marijuana charges, and focus on REAL criminals. Spend our money making them pay for what they did, not just making them "think" about it, and then 3 months later, fresh out of jail, they are back to doing it again.

  • 2013worldseries

    Kara, I agree with you. That creep has a rap sheet as long as a full roll of toilet paper. Why is the sick SOB still walking around? BTW, what woman or guy in their right mind would have sex with that nasty looking thing? God must have been in a foul mood the day this guy was born.

  • ann

    wtf is that sob doing, why was he out alfter all the trouble he was doing . it shows me what a f—k up system we have , .locking the sicko up for good

  • Lou

    People and there ignorance, I’m referring to the comments such as “lock him up, shoot the sick bastard, castrate him and feed the remains to the dog, sicko sicko sicko lock the sob up forever", on and on.
    No one is above, another and all of your BS comments are not going to make a difference, all you’re doing is giving the media a playground.
    I’m not saying what the man did is right, yet, it goes to show how we take care of our mentally ill humans in society, and we merely shove them aside until there's a problem. Then we grind it in as though it was a surprise, just imagine it being one of your family members or friends, how would you react??

    • Racedevil

      And WHAT would TOU do IF he was violating somebody OR a pet in YOUR family???!!! Forgive him and ask him to jin your family??? He IS sick and has NO purpose on this earth !!!

      • Andria

        Bet this fella (Lou) touches his dog inappropriately 2. Get a life Lou, he should be locked up, and he is a sicko, and i'm gonna go with your one to for sticking up for this creap!

  • kyle

    has anybody bothered to question, what brought him to do this??? What made him feel the need to reach this point. You all are quick to point your finger and call him a sick bastard and what not, w/ out making an attempt to understand why he does what he does or did what he did, you all are whats wrong w/ society.

    • Tom

      What a pathetic liberal. How about personal responsibility? Your way of thinking IS part of what's wrong with society, "It can't be his fault. Someone or something made him do it. Please get him help so he can become a better person." Bottom line is sometimes the gene pool needs a good cleansing.

  • pateriot

    I'm far more concerned about the plight of the child under 13 that this sick SOB molested back in 1990! How is it that this POS animal was even loose?

  • southernbell48

    he should be done the same way he did the dog but worse the cut it off and put him on a bag.!!!NASTY MAN!!! he should be stuck under the jail or better locked up with the worlds worst rapist for life.B….!!!

  • Courtney

    What is sad about this is that he is going to get out of jail again and nothing is going to change, they need to get him some psychiatric help and keep him on probation so he can't leave his house!

    • Racedevil

      NO, they NEED to just euthanize the piece of shit. He will NEVER change so WHY waste tax payers $ and the air we all breathe on this whack job. He does NOT deserve probation OR help. He deserves the SAME done to him as he did to his victims.. OR better yet, DEATH !!!

  • ken&nora f

    wht ats really fucked up is that we were neighbors at the gr inn in 2009 and he had many chances to do prostitutes and the funny thing was he always turned them away must be he would rather sodamize an innocent dog!!!!!pethetic!!!!!sick basterd!!!!