Armed Resource Officer Will Walk Lakeview School’s Hallways

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAKEVIEW, Mich.- The Board of Education for the Lakeview Community School District in Montcalm County approved funding for an armed resource officer effective immediately.

While some might think this is a knee jerk reaction to the Sandy Hook Massacre, Superintendent Kyle Hamlin and Board President Ed Jonaitis both agreed that it was not. The school and village had an officer in the district back in 2009, but funding ran out.

“When we had an officer through the village, 4 years ago,” Hamlin said.  “It was just a very positive experience, wandering the halls and the buildings, a smiling face.”

Financially, the village and district will split the cost.

“Our share is $10.00 per hour for the officer, $4,400 for the semester and we think the money is well worth it,” Jonaitis said.

Right now, the school and village are using money from their general fund, but Village Manager James Freed said they will be applying for grants, come fall.

The officer will be in the district during school hours, for roughly five hours each day. The officer will also sit down to have lunch occasionally with the students, along with interacting with them.

Hamlin said that there are often parents who may act unruly and perhaps having an officer in the building, could also change their tone.

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  • John Hulett

    I believe this is awesome. The presence of armed aurhority will be a deterrent to any idea of school violence. During my 15 years of outreach work in public schools, have never known a school in West Michigan having school shooting violence inside the school where an armed police was present. Congratulations on the wisdom of the school to make a bold move to prtotect its children.