Separate Rollovers On M-6 Almost Simultaneous

CUTLERVILLE, Mich. — A rash of accidents broke out during the snow-dusted morning commute along M-6 between 8th Avenue and Kalamazoo Avenue Monday.

The earliest of the mishaps took place in quick succession at Kalamazoo Avenue: around 6:30 a.m., vehicles rolled over on westbound M-6 west of Kalamazoo Avenue and on the ramp from eastbound M-6 to Kalamazoo Avenue.

While emergency crews from Cutlerville and Dutton dealt with the rollovers, snow continued to fall on M-6 more than other expressways, and crashes took place on eastbound M-6 between 8th Avenue and Kenowa Avenue and just west of US-131. The latter crash blocked lanes.

One of the rollovers resulted in the driver being trapped in the vehicle for a time, and that person’s condition was not immediately known.

Another minor crash on US-131 southbound just north of I-96 caused a traffic jam that backed up past Pine Island Drive.

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